Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Digging This...

One small step for finished gardening projects~

One giant leap towards sore buttocks !!

Oh, the agony of the feet! Wowie the aching hamstrings! Digging out sod and shoveling deep holes is one way to get an outdoor work-out.

Here's one project I started in our front yard ~

my vintage wagon

I've decided to add a border and some boxwood to ring an already existing Dogwood tree ~

digging up grass to add brick and pavers

pavers turned on their tips

nearly finished

And... the end result ~

Hmmmm - better when you get the WHOLE picture. I do like the results when I stand back and survey the entire yard.....

I can never decide if gardening is part of my "design/decor" blog, or if it should be here on my daily life blog.  The decor blog is : http://www.abundantfinds.blogspot.com/.

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