Monday, April 18, 2011

Winning Day

The much maligned Monday - was anything but a sorry day (this week). I had a very self indulgent day...

Went to see this movie ~

So very glad I chose this indie-type film! Adored it! I will go to see it a second time with my family. Hubby and his Mom will surely love it! Popcorn for lunch. Have I ever mentioned how much I love popcorn?

Thanks to a dear friend I had a certificate to spend on myself.  The appointment was solely for a pedicure. Yet,  I spent three hours soaking, bathing, jaccuzzi-ing, sauna-ing and reading.  A spa day. It was more than a girl could dream possible...... ahhhhhh!

parrafin wax

newly painted digits!!
The preparation for upcoming events is under way! Toes must be freshly adorned for festivities.... that is a MUST on any party to-do list!

At the very end of the day I didn't even have to cook dinner. Hubby's family all went out to dinner for a Birthday!  * This is edited to add: I realize on this Tuesday morn, that I even forgot to do my Monday laundry duties! Not too much is chore scheduled 'round here - but Mondays do begin with mundane, unwanted work. I feel as though I won the lottery today!

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