Friday, April 1, 2011

Knock, Knock...

Sorry, not here!!   The sign on our front door says : GONE GARDENING!! Go check the backyard. So busy! Greystoke and I have been outside enjoying the sunshine ~

our parrot - Greystoke
Uhhmmm - yes, he does get AM/FM - why do you ask??  oh... is it that huge dish around his neck? That object is to prevent him pulling out all his wee feathers....  poor guy!

And look how much work we've done. This is a great "AFTER" shot of the yard.... remember the bad state it was in? Well, now it is Summer and party-ready!! Look here ->

Big Improvement, huh??


Couldn't help myself! Those pics are truly from a regular ol' Jane Smith's yard. Spied them on my walk yesterday. AMAZING, yes?  This Shari Smith's yard ain't never gonna look like that!

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