Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Goodwill Hunting...

Bright plastic eggs filled with candy; some with coins were placed in obvious spots all around the room. It was quite intentional to make the hunt swift and easy. No need to keep the hunter-gatherer longer than he would feel comfortable....

Vikki and I had made a promise we intended to keep. Also, we were told in so many words that there was going to be an Easter egg hunt on April 14th. We countered that request with a change of date and an assurance if Mike were to come to the shop on the day that I worked, there indeed WOULD be a hunt.
He made good on his arrival, and we delivered.

Mike hunting

Vikki went all out!  Her goodwill nestled sweetly in each and every egg. Mike was pleased once he found out the eggs that made nary a sound were not empty, but rather contained bills of money! Each time he found a "quiet" egg he would slip open his wallet and add to his stash. We wonder what he will spend his Easter bucks on....

Me & the hunter
The sweetest filling of all was a tiny handwritten note that Vikki made sure to have Mike read. She had written - "we love to see your smile" from the Shabby Girls.... He probably doesn't realize that we enjoy his  visits to the shop just as much as he enjoys the candy off the counter!

passing notes...
We don't know much about Mike.
 I have learned that ~
He likes M & M's best - "because that's the letter my name starts with.."
5 is his favorite number - oh, he'll give an explanation - but it's darn lengthy!
In 2014 he will get married
He takes the bus after work to get back to the group home

Also, I've learned that goodwill,  for Easter, or any other time, is a very sweet thing! Just as sweet as a candy egg!

Add wine and strawberries and life is extraordinarily GRAND!!

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