Thursday, April 7, 2011


There comes a time when you take a good hard look, and decide - hhhmmmmm - maybe I've got a tiny problem on my hands. A fetish, maybe? A hoarding issue? A collection gone awry? Whatever you want to call it - I'VE GOT TOO MUCH OF  - "IT"  ~  

cloths and cases and sheets, OH MY!

The linen closet is so full (as you can tell!) that I have to push with all my might to close the door. Spring clean-up 2011 began here today - here, as in THIS CLOSET! Notice the piles are starting to fall down around me.

Once upon a time there were neat piles of tablecloths. I used vintage postcards, copied them in sepia tone and then laminated them for tags. Well.... that was once upon a time....

I even have adorable one-of-a-kind embroidered edging on the shelves! See that sweet blue & white Dutch scalloped cotton?

Really? How many tablecloths does one girl need???

What a mess!

 Now I've set aside a pile of cloths. These beauties are going to be sold off. Either they'll go as-is, or I'm going to have some made into aprons for the Goat Hill Show. I have my Grandmother's sewing machine, if I weren't so darn inept at threading the bobbin and needle I would give it a go myself! We'll see 'bout that - another story, another post!

the ones that are getting away!
For now there are organized little bundles tied with twine. Any time I need to choose a linen, I'll just pull down the sort of pile I need. Euro square cases - check!   Fitted sheets - check!   Napkins - check!

Tidy, for a little while! Remember - this is called Spring cleaning - come Fall, one never knows!  :-)

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