Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nature's Concert

Didn't even realize it, but I had front row seats to an outdoor concert! And, I hadn't even purchased tickets! My experience was one of the most wondrous musical events I have had the pleasure of witnessing! I was privy to an evening avian choir.

I have no photographs of the lovely musicians, my camera was sitting indoors.  During our seasons first
PICNIC in the garden, as I read the newspaper and delighted in the lengthy sunlight , the eves entertainment began.

Picnicking at home

a bottle from a friend's winery

Strike up the chorus - four separate species of birds, all sitting in our fruit trees. Each had their own unique voice. The crows pulled unripe figs from the branches... cawing along as they worked. Hummingbirds buzzed and lit adding their high alto pitch. The "catbird" mocked as he dove at the others. And the meek, sweet & common sparrow sang out periodically adding the essential note of the winds......

Abundance and a picnic in my outdoor paradise!

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