Monday, April 11, 2011

What's A Lean-To????

For weeks the corrugated sheet metal has sat on the driveway. The rain has weathered and yet has not bothered the cardboard box sitting underneath. Very durable stuff! Just what I had hoped for when I carted it through Home Depot.

When one is purchasing items non-stop from Goodwill there has to be a place to store the bounty! I came up with the idea of building a lean-to. At least someone would build the lean-to.....
Hubby comes to mind! Hubby has no inclination. Hubby seems displeased! Hubby waits months.... through rain, hail, heat, etc......

Finally it is constructed ~

In the beginning....

Have no fear - I truly can wield a hammer! I may not have done the initial tinkering, but I filled the thing! I had to do the furniture moving, stacking, packing and what-not! There's still room for more items. Have many months to go 'til Goat Hill!

Know what I want to do most though?? I'd love to be under this lean-to during a rain or hail storm! Among the many simple wishes that I have, one of them is to have a room of my own with a metal roof!! OOHHH YEAH! A country girl dream for sure!

Have always loved this song too....  do ya know the words during the chorus that most everyone can't figure are :  "TIN ROOF........... RUSTED" ? well, they are... and I sing them at the top of my lungs, as does Hubby! But then again, he didn't have to build that particular tin roof shed - else he may not be singing!!

LOVE SHACK next, please!!

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