Friday, April 1, 2011

A Secret Not Well Hidden

I haven't mentioned anything on my blogs. I haven't talked about it (too) much, save a few close friends and my family. I believe I've never mentioned it on Facebook either..... I was keeping this somewhat under my hat. NOT ANY MORE!! Word is out there on the world wide web for all to see ~

I'm in print.... :-)
  I was "chosen" (their word) to be a GURU  on a web site called FABULOUS OVER FIFTY!( The chosen part came only after I saw their opening and entered by sending a picture and my "resume" on something I felt able to give advice on if someone were to ask me.  While away at the beach this winter, I received an email that said I was picked and to stand by as this new section of the web site was developed. Well, now it's ready! Emails asking test questions from other gurus in other states have come in. I was chosen to be a guru in Silicon Valley, CA and in the expertise of  FOOD FINDS

My stomach was actually knotted. I was quite nervous sending responses. My first question was from a guru asking what she should do with one half-day visit to San Francisco. Well, that felt right up my alley. I  <3 (heart) SF.... as I've mentioned before. Hopefully it went well. Haven't heard otherwise!

I was quite surprised to search the FAB OVER 50 site and come across my name, city and picture listed as one of their GURU s !! Guess I'm now official!

Not too many jokes now!! This is all in fun! I'm sort of uncomfortable with the profile responses that they asked me to post.... They asked what I'm an EXPERT at!  uuuuhhhh  - unsure on that! Opinionated, maybe! Know-it-all, perhaps (hope not!).

I'm just a gal that's willing to help out when asked!

The head-shot of a FABULOUS OVER FIFTY GURU!!    TA DA!!

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