Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Little Girl With Great Big Plans...

When I listened to the lyrics of this song I found them hopeful. I can picture a young girl out there in need of inspiration, and then she hears this tune, and it makes her believe - SHE CAN DO IT!! She can let her imagination take her anywhere in the world, to be anything she chooses!

I've posted before about this artist. Somewhere in blog land I was turned-on (ancient term!) to this sweet chick-a-dee with her voice so lover-ly! Mindy Gledhill and her people just sent emails out with dates of her touring schedule. Don't see my town on the list - DARN!! This new song and video were posted also. So, I'm hoping I can go capture it off YouTube to share here. Let's give it a go ~

WOW!! Listen to the words - please!

Sometimes my heart feels just this way.... I'm gonna go and take a chance. I'm gonna go and live a crazy dream!! Mindy - I'm with ya chicky!!

Hope all girls feel this able, this important, this privileged!

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