Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pie Slices

That slice of life which I speak of with frequency was one huge piece this weekend. A cherry pie slice thanks to a friend!!  wink, wink to her....

Up with the songbirds in order to drive to the mountains and meet my hiking group. The scenery was everything I've come to expect in this beautiful part of the world. We're somewhat coastal in the Bay Area. There was fog, a threat of rain, cool breezes and...... uh oh! - plenty of sloshing through mud! Word was the last hike I missed had the group slip-slidin' away! Pleased that I opted out of that outing!

Landscape views in the morning ~

Family images by eve ~

A big ol' slice of pie was savored! A picnic of sorts was shared with many......



  1. Pies, parties, family and beautiful views, all looks like a fabulous weekend

  2. Love it, especially the picture of you and your three handsome bros!!!! You are SO blessed!

  3. Oh, and was it the hubs b-day?