Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Royalty For A Day

Soon, very soon ... oh how long we've waited! I will be attending a party that will see me as the secondary-guest-of-honor, the BIG honor to the Royal wedding couple - Prince Wm. and his bride Kate! I found this silly, yet interesting article on hats that was intended to keep us up to speed on the Brit tradition of headwear at functions! Read on  ~ (forewarned it's a tad long)

just some ole thing I have lying around

Bowlers, baker boys, top hats, boaters, deerstalkers and countless ladies creations have been worn by royals and commoners alike through the centuries — a beloved tradition that will be in full force at Prince William and Kate Middleton's April 29 wedding.
Bookmakers are betting on the color of Queen Elizabeth II's hat — odds are on yellow — and the designer making the princess-to-be's honeymoon headpiece. The salmon-colored tricorn hat that Princess Diana wore as she left for her honeymoon in 1981 spawned hundreds of copies.
"We're British — hats are just what we do," Shirley Hex, a milliner who made hats for the queen, the queen's mother and Diana, told The Associated Press. "Choosing the right hat is important for the person wearing it, but it's also important for a designer. The right hat can make a career."
Theories abound on why Britain, compared to other European nations, became a country of mad hatters — an expression referring to the Alice in Wonderland character whose loopy persona was based on the many milliners who suffered neurological damage as they inhaled the mercury used to cure pelts. *(wow - huh??)

And take note of this last line ~
Britain's lousy weather might have contributed to the national obsession, but experts say it's the royal family that has kept it alive.
Well, the royal fam may have kept the tradition alive, but me and my girlfriends will do our darnedest to help the movement along!

I just have to add this other silly tid-bit.....

Laugh all you want, but I will get to be Queen for the day and my royal court & I are taking this way over the top!! Such a good way to live your life!

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  1. Cool creation, do like hats, we need more excuses to wear the really decorative ones. Have a great weeekend.