Saturday, June 30, 2012

If You Can't Beat 'Em... Join 'Em..

Since my addiction to Instagram is still rolling along - and in fact, picking up speed  {just can't get enough} then I figure I may as well join in some fun. Over on a blog called FatMumSlim {click that blog name} there is an Instagram challenge that I've decided to do. Wonder if I'll remember this 10 days from now?

Here's how it's done: Each day of the month of July you take a photo relating to the subject listed below. I can post it here on my blog, on Instagram, or Facebook... Pinterest even.

Wish me luck tomorrow.... quite a busy day - must tie twine about my finger so as not to forget to take a self portrait. YIKES!!

Can I use an old one? Or is that cheating? Clearly the challenge is to take the picture in July!!

This oughta do   ^  that's me behind the squirrely mask!!  HHAAAAA

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