Monday, June 4, 2012

Across The Pond

This week, I'm all into Jack, Adele, Liz and a trio of short sweeties named: Monty, Holly & Willow.
They're all British. Some are human, others are not. And they all have to do with Great Britain's Diamond Jubilee.

Jack = Union Jack, England's flag  ^

Adele = angelic voiced songstress of said name. I watched her interview and special last night. She surely is an amazing young star. Her voice is husky, smooth and can give me goosebumps when I think of the lyrics meaning. click here.. or watch the video below..

Funny little story. Today I walked an amazingly upscale shopping district. One of the storefronts was decorated for the Jubilee.... or maybe it could've been for this summer's Olympics. No matter - it was all very British. Quite funny, cute and perfect for this post. Take a look

Liz{?} = Elizabeth. As in THE QUEEN ! I got that silly nickname from this painting in the window

Isn't that a hoot?  ;-)

Then, the trio of non-humans I mentioned at the start - Monty, Holly & Willow = current corgi dogs in residence at the palace! I read this blog that had all sorts of fun trivia!

There ya have it... my private lil' ode to my mother country {being 1/2 English}..

Diamonds are a girls best friend, Liz {HRH Elizabeth}...
Enjoy your Jubilee celebration - from a gal across the pond!

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  1. Another great reading for me Miss Shari... I forgot to tell you I Love the new color scheme on your blog..