Saturday, June 2, 2012

Where I've Been

Walking... one of my favorite things to do for my health - well, it's taken a back seat lately. Not sure I can be honest on why this has happened. More likely I'll not take full responsibility. Busy-ness gets in the way, sure - but, what's new there? I've a couple of items on the getting-older-have-aches-and-pains list and some slightly larger fish to fry too. Really need to lace up those tennies and get moving again.

Along the sidewalks and trails that I traipse, I've snapped some Instagram shots...

Even some shots captured with my feet not on the ground ... instead on some pedals ~

Slight failures in exercising, and also in exercising my writing skills. I acknowledge my rare journaling posts here...  again, need to GET ON IT! Hope to be back soon....

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