Thursday, June 7, 2012

Picnic with the Queen

This blog - Decor to Adore - spent days documenting each scrumptious detail of England's Diamond Jubilee. My favorite piece is just a click away for your reading pleasure....
Oh The Splendor! {click here}

I'm all about picnics. Sure wish I had known about this. Maybe I'd have moved across the pond just for this occasion!!

BLIMEY!! I am green with envy! However, once nearly 20 years ago, I did picnic in quite an extreme spot in England. Hubby and I sat on the Tower Bridge high above the Thames and lunched on exquisiteness from Harrods Food Halls. It looked something like this. Yet without the ginormous barge floating past with the entire Royal Family on board  ->

Can you imagine our joy? Would surely love to do that again!

As I sat with misty eyes, smiling face and awed by the ceremonious pomp - the Queen's Concert was

I love a parade!

And now, enough of this British hoopla... well, at least until THE PRINCE & PRINCESS are expecting the next future King or Queen!

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