Sunday, June 17, 2012

Plentiful, bountiful, ABUNDANT..

Oh, my yes, Summer has courted and it's a full-on engagement!  Heat that makes the soil bake, causing hydrangeas to plead for mercy, yet inducing a blush on the plums. The tomatoes have raised their greenery up and out of their cages and are yelling for more Vitamin D !

Our plum trees are laden. Unfortunately too much so. As in the past when I have spoken of these beauties, we are rotten stewards of our crops and with all that kept us busy in this past year, the pruning tasks were left undone. We may see split, twisted wreckage again this year.  Right now though, our mini orchard of 2 vintage Santa Rosa plums look magnificent.... come see {click}

My Dad, and Hubby's Pops {as I call him} were abundantly plied with love today. Father's Day. A time to be sure and send, give, express our love for those men that worked so very hard to give us a roof over our heads, food to eat and support in many forms. I was unable to see my Dad, but I hope he knows how very much I think of him!

My Dad is and would be so proud to see my little garden haven. He does love it when he visits.... and mentions it often. Dad look at this view from tonight!!  ->

This little bird seems to be crowing his tale to anyone that'll listen.... I'm probably sounding that way myself! Yelling it to the world ~ I am ABUNDANTLY wealthy in the love I am surrounded with {here's to you Dad & Pops} and in the beauty I reap in this little city-wanna-be-farm garden that I host!

Loving every piece of curved brick path, mellow hazy sunset through walnut boughs, chickens milling {and tilling} about, picnics and reading in summer breezes.... ahhhhhhh

Don't think I wouldn't dare... have to add this song, when speaking of summer winds...
press the arrow and enjoy! Then head outside and find yourself a piece-of-summer-pie-picnic!

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