Wednesday, June 13, 2012

When We Left California Weather for Seattle....

I had just posted about the silliness of painted red toes standing on wet brick in my garden - IN THE MIDDLE OF JUNE, mind you! Then we off and jetted to parts north for a graduation celebration. Packed me a rain coat and everything, dontcha know...

Albeit, a smiley California-sun-type-coat...... {Big Bird'ish, even}... And wouldn't ya know, we didn't get rain! Now that just doesn't seem to happen much, so say the locals. The sunny weather was the talk of the town the entire four days we were there. Grey skies, and wispy white formations dotted the skies. Even sputtering occurred on our first day. But, blessed we were in that we could walk all about that beautiful city without ducking into doorways or sitting inside unable to take it all in!

Take in Seattle - WE DID ~

Our first day was spent with friends. Trying our darnedest to see as many iconic sites as possible. As we did have a college graduation filling much of our time. I've got many more photos, and I'm going to look at them, smile, remember and journal about them periodically in the next few days.

If I could ever stand a majority of inclement weather.. well,  Seattle and the Puget Sound environs would be a place I'd consider hanging my hat umbrella!!

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