Thursday, June 14, 2012

Somewhat Seattle in Mood

Feeling Seattle tonight.  Scrolling through pages of photographs. Happiness interspersed with reminiscence, actually bringing me to my knees a little bit.  This picnic-of-a-life that I journal and yammer on about - I am very blessed to have it! There is gratefulness for what I have had the joy to experience and hope that there be years to continue doing so. We aren't assured time though. Are we?

Setting the tone for this grey-Seattle-style frame of mind is a song by a Seattle group - Pearl Jam...

This !
This song!
This melancholy-lyric(ed) tune.... JUST  BREATHE
Has me thinkin'...

Thinkin all about the loves in my life - family & friends. Thinkin of the need to take in all the beauty around us each and every day, trying hard to breathe - not to take it for granted.

To have sparkle, wonder, passion, love, awe for everything I do...

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