Monday, June 25, 2012

Tapas Together

Summer party picnicking at it's easiest - which might also mean at it's best!...
I called two other couples at the last minute.
Spread a tablecloth or two.
Chilled a bottle of wine, or two.
Plated the simplest and most delicious savory samples.

and VOILA!!!  A tapas party..

Short, simple, sweet, sublime - SUMMER

Edited : I've decided to link to another blog : Romantic Home.... click and go see all of the inspiration!
              My first time checking the blog: Cedar Hill Ranch. A Texas gal with French style. I loved the post on her  fave place for a summer picnic! Go and see..


  1. I adore this! I wish I was your neighbor there too! wow, how nice was that! I am going to follow you over from Fishtail Cottage Garden Party. Your post on garden statuary is very nice too. Garden blessings, lady

  2. What a beautiful party! Would love for you to share at SImple & Sweet Fridays this week! New Follower.

    Take Care,