Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Yo, Weather Man! - Take A Vacay!!

What the heck has happend to California summer weather?

It rained the other day. I found it refreshing. Yet, perplexing. So not what I expect of weather in June. It nearly gave me the excuse I wanted to sit inside all day, watch my current Netflix, eat popcorn and never move! DIDN'T HAPPEN!  See what I mean about this {click ->} "walking situation"? Where I mention that I haven't put in many miles lately. NO MORE rainy days, California! It only serves to give me one more excuse!

When the sun stepped up it's summertime game again.... here's what I pleasurably Instagrammed whilst walking ~

Must apologize - have you noticed how frequently my photos are Instagrams now? My poor, beloved big girl camera sits at home lamenting the invention of that marvelous I-app! On walks 'tis much easier to stick the ipod in my pocket.

Ah... yes, the quintessential California view ~

Not feeling the sun and summer fun from the photos? Then how 'bout clicking on this song below? Now that should get ya in the mood!

Adios, for now... off to don my polka dot bikini and head to the beach in my vintage Woodie, to take up the sport of surfing.... as, I'm finally off my buttocks and these are classic daily activities for we-California-girls!    hhhaaa

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