Thursday, June 21, 2012

Seattle II

Funny, that, get on a plane with SOUTHWEST air to fly to the Pacific NORTHWEST.  Odd....

Take one friend of many years, add in that he's Hubby's old roomie with loads of history between them, and you've got a brother-from-another-mother that we'd do anything for.  His one and only child was graduating from Seattle Pacific University. We bought us some airline tics to be present!
I've always thought that we should participate in as many rites of passage - happy and sad - that we can, for our loved ones. It is called SUPPORT!

Support in this case was pure pleasure....

Oh, Seattle, what you do to me....


A picnic with a view of the Sound ~

AND.... we really did go to graduation...

The GRAD ->

and with her Dad ~

Hubby and his bud ~

Gathering family & friends into a waterfront hotel lounge for cocktail hour, and then onto dinner -  post graduation - was a dream. I'll show off the visuals from that next time.....  WOW

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