Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

While it does not look like this in my neck of the woods, we are still experiencing frost and quite a chill. All the better to get one in the mood for Christmas decorating, music and cooking. I love to peruse the cable tv music channels for just the right tune. Who knew that there are scads of genres for Holiday listening? Shall I go with Country, Rock, Gospel, Classic? All depends on what I'm trying to accomplish. In need of energy and trying to whip together ingredients for cookies then I may go with Christmas Rock. While designing Christmas cards on-line I would choose a peaceful sort like Classic. Alas, I didn't get too far on the holiday decor today. The tree is sitting in a bucket, the ornaments yet unwrapped. I guess the music didn't spark my enthusiasm as well as I thought!
OH MY! I nearly missed my annual viewing of Rudolph while trying to compose this post! Then I may have never gotten the holiday jump-start that I need....

A jump start to the holiday hoopla was had via a glass of wine (or 2) last night. We gathered an interesting group of friends and new acquaintances. Came in from the cold and warmed ourselves with laughs, food and a 49er game. Our hands and noses were frosty, yet our hearts and tummies were warm and full.
The perfect metaphor for my abundant picnic of a life! Baby it's cold outside but this heart is full and very happy!

P.S.   I've got a song in my heart too... silver & gold, silver & gold decorations on every Xmas tree...    Bye now.... off to see Rudolph!                  

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cat Got My Tongue or Got the Next Door Chicken

I was afraid of what I could possibly think to write for my second post. A wee bit cat-got-my-tongue, or the very least he snatched some of my brain cells!  Lo and behold I walked out the front door this morning and found a topic. Rather off-putting really.... but still a kitty-like subject to link up with my writer's block/cat- tongue thought. Some neighborhood feline, or possibly another varmint (now that I dwell on it) decided to leave a feathery surprise at my door. There on the lawn, a trail of white and black fluff from front to back yards. I made the trepidatious (is that a word?) journey to the end of the trail and never found the subject of this unfortunate incident. I am quite sure it was my next door chicken. I know for certain that the cat pictured above did not commit the crime. He is my nephew-cat and lives many miles away. And, as mentioned - on second thought I believe a much larger critter did this dastardly deed. So neither the cat or other critter got my tongue. I was still able to compose a second post! My picnic ( i.e.carefree experience) today was whilst walking a trail that encircles ponds filled with migrating geese, snowy egrets and other myriad assorted fowl. The colorful view and eclectic sound track was breathtaking!

P.S. the pond fowl were awfully lucky they weren't hanging out in my yard last night!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Out with the Old - In with the New

This isn't a post for the New Year as Glamour mag may do for the most current WHAT'S IN/WHAT'S OUT.
Just a good title for this day. The NEW happens to be my first post on this finally realized blog! hooray!! Also more new.. as in new decor to come.... because I'm setting OUT the old, and tired looking Autumnal bits. It's time for Christmas. This here gal doesn't like to change the guards until after the turkey has been made into soup! Thanksgiving should have it's time. A lovely time it was too. In fact Hubster & I had 3 Thanksgiving events to attend.

Non-turkey Day was actually Italian. A short, sweet time at a local spot since we couldn't all be together on Thursday. Real Day of Thanks we traveled north and ate and drank for hours. And last, but not least important was the weekend feast with yet more nieces, nephews, brothers and sisters. Each gathering etching it's mark on my list of yet another abundant picnic!