Monday, October 31, 2011

The Halloween House

Story time.   Rather than a spooky costume, it wears a Cinderella-ish one ~

Halloween hooligans are no longer parading down our street. The lights are turned out. In between candy duty there was plenty of time to think back on a Halloween day - 23 years ago. Our first day in this house!
How did we get to this point? Remarkable in the number of years that have drifted by. Amazing the changes to our abode, and in ourselves. Memorable the experiences, joys and people that have come in and out our door and our lives......

We had a very big year in 1988. Wedding vows were exchanged.

Months later we found our way to buy Hubby's Great Grandparents' home. Hubby did not see the possibilities; was not keen on the move. You really couldn't blame him - the place was a wreck! I couldn't locate the pictures of the interior to put with this post. Creatures and goblins could've made it home. We were unable to move our furniture in, it had to go in storage. Minor yet time consuming work filled our days until the end of October. On Halloween we decided to spend our first night here - on our mattress on the floor.

I do have some before and after outdoor photos ~

That beautiful walnut tree! The one that harbors those squirrels that I often speak of. Amazing the changes. I can see the years when I look at that photo above.

I laid the brick under our walnut to give us shelter beneath it's boughs, to allow for a table in which to PICNIC and break bread with loved ones. It wasn't at the very start that the yard became my creative space. Paths were forged in time and continue still. They pave the way through this place we call "ours", those paths are not always straight, often a brick will come away from it's moorings and need to be reset. I love that these bricks are nearly all reused and found. They've been a part of many homes and paths. And now these stones belong here - as do we!

our masks

Together - dressed for Halloween in 2011 ~

As in 1988, we'll be sleeping at the Halloween House in the home we've established - by following specific paths and winding our way through the many curves that life throws. Us & Bricks - sturdy as hell!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sand Therapy

Some of our beach time ~

We've never needed a reason to go to the beach.  The Doctors have just made it easier for us to justify "down time" and also inspired a new exercise regimen - texture walking. Seems the sand is a great way for Hubby to get new sensation for his feet while walking. It's harder to walk in sand and good for him to do.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Can't Beet This

Dining alfresco with a crisp bite to the air and a pink tinge in the sky.  I've planted some fall crop veggies in the raised beds and ritually browse the market for fall produce too.

Beets head my shopping list every couple of days. I can't get enough of Ina Garten's roasted beets! We've enjoyed them at dinner for nights in a row! They're quite the taste sensation as a salad with goat cheese, apples (and I've added figs) ~

Along with cool air and a Fall feeling, we appreciate a hearty meat for dinner. This evening I fried lamb chops in cast iron ~

Meat in general, and lamb particularly are on the chopping block from our diets here. 

And, while the carbs on our menus should also be cut down - we can never resist temptation of this beautiful loaf of deliciousness ~

artichoke, garlic bread from Pescadero Beach

It's a work in progress to get Hubby healthy and for both of us to maintain that same lifestyle for the future too. We're on the right path. Hubby is improving still. You can't beet beat that either!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Whilst Walking Wednesday

White fog in the morn ~

Water - of a sort ~

Wink of the sun ~

Weathered fencing~

Wall of color ~

Whirring ~

wild mushrooms~

Windblown, treasure strewn paths~


Monday, October 24, 2011

How Do You Boo ?

Everyone's got there own personal style for decorating. During the Fall season - Halloween sure has some zany
goofball-ian (totally made up word) types! The creativity out there is amazing. Somehow I'm not a fan of the over-the-top front yard displays. Don't get me wrong  - I'm mostly a more-is-more type gal. Mostly I'd just rather walk on past your home and smile at your choice of gourds and squash. Possibly even marvel at the fall color and flora in your landscape.

In our neighborhood there aren't that many children. I s'pose that's the reason that most homes only have a pumpkin or two in their yards. However, when I'm out walking in more youthful enclaves I notice the penchant for gigantic and mainly spooky decor.  And, I mean these people go  BIG !!  Like - nearly as close to this as possible ~

I might become a convert if they had that same Victorian home ! Or, what if  Lurch were to come answer the door, or Cousin Itt waddle out to greet me in his unique linguistic style?! Mostly my distaste sits squarely in the dismembered body parts and plastic tombstone genre. Have I become a graveyard snob? Where's Shari's gobliny spirit? I do have a thing for ethereal beings, skeletons and curiosity cabinet whats-its! Okay, found me "spiritus-Halloweenus"'s the dismembered body parts found 'round my place ->

I would obligingly do front yard behemoths if it were of this certain artist (Sonoma County area). I think I've posted about him. His name is Patrick Amiot. His neighbors each have a piece of his sculpture on their lawns.  When last we visited, I took a photo of this favorite - just for Halloween posting ->

Isn't she splendid?! and then I played around changing her into this for a greeting to send to our nearest and scariest ->

Hubby carved a pumpkin so that I could get my Halloween groove going. On a sort-of-Fall-like day, of which we haven't felt many, I was in the mood for a candle and jack-o-lantern lighting ->

already withering in the heat...
We've been invited to two pumpkin carving parties this weekend. I may bring this guy with the warts.....


 My postbox had an adorable treat waiting for me the other day ->

My dear San Francisco gals are gathering for Fall Birthdays!  I cannot wait! I can feel my


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Creature Features

Not to be confused with this wacky show from childhood ~ Creature Features

Although - isn't that the perfect intro for a post done at the end of October...??? So Halloween-ish! Instead the sort of creatures I have in mind are all of the ones taking up camera space. Seems I've been click-click-clicking on every possible furry thing in sight! Love me some animals....

love this caterpillar's fall coat!

You've already seen these lovers. I just had to add them again ~

and others not quite so furry  - eeewwww, or maybe he is??? ~

even not so real.... but, REALLY ugly-spooky

Don't forget the farm animals that I shared ~

a new little hatchling from the other day ~

I've taken one, or five cat photos along the way ~

Just for the heck of it another fake critter .... wasn't able to take a photo of our real parrot for this post as he is sleeping. Just back from the vet and a bit of mini-surgery...

And a girlfriend's pup ~

No post from this house complete without a squirrel in the mix (excuse the blurriness, he's a fast bugger) ~

Caught the fella mid-air jumping out of my flower pot!!....arrrghhh

There are actually more creature photos, but this shall suffice. That baby bird of mine will be squawking my name awfully early in the morn. I'm DOG tired. The early BIRD catches the worm, don't ya know?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Footprints In The Sand

Saying grace before Thanksgiving Day ~

Daily thanks...

We have health insurance, Hubby has a physical therapist...

Two weeks ago he could stand and move with a walker ~

This week we've traveled to the beach twice....

Thankful for improvements ~

a walking cane

Happy to have light appearing in our future ~

standing in the sand - briefly
 Treading lightly on the march forward. Hubby has progress and we both are grateful!

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Simple Things In Life

When times are laughable - actually CRY-ABLE, it's funny how the simplest, smallest and mundane item can change your day!

Today I smiled at ~

These yellow tennies ^ elicit dozens of comments every time I wear them. It never ceases to amaze me, nor to make me smile.

I did smile, but it could make one cringe.... ^ see all of the seeds on the floor and the chair? The basket on the seat has a bunch of dried sunflower heads. This still life sits on our enclosed front porch. With the door opened to the yard, a squirrel decided the seeds were fair game. Hearing some commotion, I went out front and scared the poor critter to death. It scurried, running into the door, and jig-jogging back and forth to find it's way out. Like watching a live cartoon!

Spooky driftwood item in our yard. ^  So cool!

The solo gourd that grew off some vines I planted....  love it's miniature-ness ~

Clipping flowers from the garden and arranging them at the kitchen sink - blood pressure lowering activity ~

Small red apples in an old yelloware bowl - SO AUTUMNAL!  Me likey!!

Stress relievers, all..... FREE and simple......