Friday, May 25, 2012

Garden Short Shots

The end of the week. Memorial weekend upcoming. Time to visit with family, possibly swim, BBQ plenty, and maybe shop a little. I'm needing to get off my rear and pack-up my bag for the trip. Rather than challenge my brain and come up with some clever repartee, I'll instead post a batch of fun INSTAGRAM photos... all taken today in my garden.  Enjoy!

And, I leave you with this parting shot ~


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

No Goats This Time 'Round....

Wanna hear about chickens instead ?

Golden morning light; roses of golden hue picked for table decor ^

Our bantam girl - Biloxi - is still wandering about the backyard, sleeping in trees and stealing our hearts. There was a point I thought it possible that she was sick. Really? What do I know about chicken illness? Hubby saw it too. There's a long story attached to our fear of her perceived "chicken pox". Shortened version is that it took us hours to corral Biloxi, wrap her in a towel, follow instructions from the Internet to give olive oil and massage (sounds weirder than it was), decide to call our bird vet... proceed to be ridiculed, patronized, yelled at and demonized, let Biloxi free in the yard again, and thus decide to let nature take it's course. 

Biloxi Brown nesting
Illness scare was a month or two ago.  Days progressed and the 3 chicks... ya know - Biloxi, Clarabelle and Penny - still scratch about, make a ruckus, wreak havoc in the raised garden beds and make me smile. New issue now however. See that photo above? Biloxi sitting in a plant pot? She is brooding. Apparently there is a hormonal type problem when a hen sits on an egg, in a nest, hoping to hatch a chick. Some hens starve themselves as they never leave.  PULEEEAZE not another patient to care for......

We are able to lift Bil-b out of the pot to eat. Amazing she lets us near. She'll stay out wandering the yard in very short intervals... then right back to her nest. As yet, the ideas from others haven't worked.

Penny can be seen lurking in the Shasta Daisies - even without her cohort ~

Hit the "dislike" button on the chicken's eyes in photographs ^... too spooky!

Whatever the outcome may be.. and we're hoping for the very best... Biloxi chooses to live free and somewhat unfazed by the human world, thus we'll honor that. Whatever nature decides.

 Hop on out of that nest, little chick.... you found your way to freedom before, now do it again!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The May Version at Yoder's Farm

Goat Hill. Beautiful site; even more splendid while hosting the Goat Hill Fair Antique event. Much of my posting last year was about that event, and the part I took in it by setting up a tent and selling. At the time I also wrote on my other blog ABUNDANT FINDS . What an experience and pleasure all of that was.

Fast forward eight months {glide right over that Hubby illness time}... and you have me at Goat Hill Fair - Act Deux. Yep, Cyndi - my Boss-in-Boots - decided to make this a bi-annual show. This go-round, however, I'm not setting up shop.  Oh, but I'm happy though... got me a different job!

Truly can't remember if I've written about this very much? hmmmm..
I was honored to be asked to write a blog and take photos for Goat Hill. It is a job I've taken seriously and enjoyed immensely. Sure hoping that the job can be mine in the following years.

Goat Hill is on the verge of it's second opening... just over 24 hours to go. I've been to the farm the past couple of days and the whirl of activity has me excited. Sure is looking good out there...

this tree is where my tent was in May

Baby goats have been born... just in time for opening day ~

Fixtures are rising from the sun parched grass, and other fixtures hang from tents of white

Tomorrow I'll gladly hitch on my cowgirl boots and make the trek over the hill again. A mid-day meal for all the worker bees needs to be set out and decorated. One of my jobs for the day.

Think I'll take my cue from this little guy ~>

and go get some rest....

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I DO know that my friend Colleen was present at her daughter's wedding

her photo at the altar

I DO see why this beautiful place was the chosen setting

I DO hear music, at the very least laughter, that is music to my ears

I DO cherish my girlfriends

I DO believe this is one phenomenally beautiful bride

I DO see before them a view of the world - quite vast and full of peaks and valleys

I DO bear witness to the sunshine in their eyes and glow upon their faces

I DO hope that they continue to dance all the days of their lives

I DO profess a love beyond measure has been bound together in God's name

I DO wish for this couple a lifetime of complete fulfillment - individually, and together !

A weekend of beauty, joy, memories and wanting - that a girl could have had her Mama with her for this special day. Tears that were both happy and sad fell all day. It was nonetheless perfect in every way!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Our Hunny Turned One

Winnie the Pooh and his gang of squishy-cute pals celebrated with us yesterday. Picnic and frolic were on the agenda. It was Charlie's first birthday.

Warm picnic weather, lots of family and friends and packages wrapped in all sorts of brightly colored attire. Truly creative party details in every corner.

Yummy picnic food!!

Here's an "exclusive" shot of our Hunny ~

I know, you can't see his precious face... his parents really appreciate us not posting photos of him on any public sites. Take it from me.... Charlie's precious.

Oh so many reasons to celebrate - a life that has just begun... so much to look forward to!

If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.”
A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Much love to my sweet little Great-nephew on this, the start of his second year....

Saturday, May 12, 2012

One Year

Sweet cheeks is a year old! Our Great-Nephew, Charlie is a doe-eyed, dark haired, smiling bundle of joy. He high-fives, walks and is nearly always happy.

Winnie the Pooh will be in town to celebrate his birth. We will be picnicking even! Go figure - his Great Aunt that adores picnics and all things about them... is so very happy! Off to make the best picnic-type fare of all : potato salad! My Mom's recipe, somehow it never quite tastes like hers.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Picnicking in B

I've already shared these same thoughts on other social media sites, but just had to do it again for my own benefit on this - the journal of moi:
Abundant Picnic..

The title of this post is, in all fairness, very appropos to my personal blog- Hubby & I shared the sweetest of weekends together.... and it all began with a PICNIC in "B" ~

Morning at a BAKERY


Breakfast at the Beach ~

Beach strolling ~

Meet up with a Bestie ~

To toast a Beautiful Bride ~
and her beautiful bestie too...

Taking a Break ~

To chow on some Boiling fondue ~


Mine & Bestie's Boys ~

Head to our B&B ~

Time for Bed ~

All tied up in a sweet little bow... that's how this day felt. Like a gift!

Friday, May 4, 2012

A Weekend Of Huge Emotional Proportions

Two events occurring nearly simultaneously. Two friends, from two different parts of my life. I will be present for only one celebration, the other doesn't need presence - just knowing!

Coco. A mate from high school. She, of the above average goodness and positivity. The friend, that I lost to cancer a couple of years ago - has a daughter that is marrying. To be asked to come and share this day with Kelly is a beautiful and kind gesture. There will be a few of her Mother's friends in attendance. I am packing clothes for a weekend event at the beach. Excitement is soaring, and emotions pouring out.

old photo.. Coco sitting on sofa left side - me beside her
Coco's beautiful girl is sure to mention her Mother. Pay some sort of tribute. Cry some tears. I'll be right there doing the same!

In another place, far from the wedding, my dear friend of all my adult years will be moving. Why might this be so emotional? She is the fun, intelligent red-haired gem that I thought I had lost also.
Moving from place to place, to place has been something she has done with much frequency in the last couple of years. The moving was from hospital to hospital and home again intermittently. Home only when her mind allowed for structure, normalcy, and happiness. She has somehow found her way. She is no longer lost. To me, nor to herself. Most importantly - to herself!!

Going HOME! There are not words to express how happy I feel for her. Please, dear God, let this be the ultimate homecoming... that there shall be no leaving.

Godspeed, sweet friend. Rest your head on your own pillow! Enjoy your days!

You both are loved!