Thursday, December 30, 2010


Believing this post would be a remembrance to a passed friend I came up with the title of: Inspiration. Upon checking my Webster's, it seems that my title has plenty to do with many a thought crossing my mind!

The inspiration (noun -the act of influencing or suggesting opinions) and also (the power of moving emotions) for me today comes from the fact that as the year wanes, a date of  profound loss nears. I've previously spoken of Colleen. She and her remaining family are on my mind. I've sent them a note in remembrance as I will be away this weekend. I shall be celebrating all that is hopeful and new, and they shall be saddened by their loss. I also HOPE that her family will celebrate too. May they find their way to celebrate the good memories held in their hearts, the new joys they have experienced since her death, and all of the possibilities of the New Year.
And yet even more inspiration.... (the drawing of air into the lungs) on that trip away for this weekend. Icy, cold, fresh, mountain air.  We'll be nestled in the majesty of the Sierras on a steep, snowy slope for 3 days. Here's hoping that I can find inspiration (of another type) for my life in the lovely new year that we are embarking upon.

May you find inspiration from those who shower you in love and kindness, and from the air you breathe in the beauty that surrounds you daily!

No Scurvy Here....

We may not have scurvy, but I sure caught the flu, or, well, something like it. My sister-in-law made the joke about scurvy a couple of times during the Christmas weekend. Plenty of citrus fruit filled bowls all around the kitchen and she is quite a jokester....

sis-in-law is gonna kill me for this picture...
 While this is not a flattering photo of either of us..I'm on the left and Colette on the right -it's a somewhat true depiction of our kooky family. Lots of laughter, costumes frequently and hugs always! Our Christmas was lovely. The rainy weather kept us cozy indoors watching movies and eating. Exception being - my brother thought he could cook outdoors. He has a "rep" for being a fabulous Q'er, and/or barrel smoker, but mostly that is done in the summer months. What was he thinkin'?? Once again, it was rather humorous..

BBQ'ing in a rain slicker
My nieces got in on some silliness and costume action... de rigueur of the clan ~

The scurvy/flu kept me down for a day or two... so no posting then. I hope to get back on track soon. Anxious to see where this new year of blogging will take me....

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

 The beds are full of pajamed family. Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Friday, December 24, 2010


A very skewed version of the manger scene twirled about in my head tonight. Really my head was the thing twirling. One too many tasks to finish....
When I went at sunrise to un-roost the chickens we are sitting, I had my first thought of this creatively interpreted manger. Muddy and cold flooring scattered with hay was unwelcoming. The coop is a wooden frame. Possibly very similar to where baby Jesus was born, but these chicks are living in a virtual mansion.
The girls were fed and are being kept warm. We even went bearing gifts. A special little treat was had today! It is Christmas Eve by the way...

Later in the day we went bearing gifts again. This time they were presents for a true baby (not chicks). "Our" babe hasn't arrived yet. He shall not be named any derivative of Jesus. He shall be anticipated and regaled! He will not be turned away from comfort at his birth. He shall have parents that will travel far and wide - to the ends of the earth - for their child. We will offer our gifts, not solely tangible ones, most importantly love and support. This boy child is expected in the upcoming season. He shall come and bring us joy and light. He will very nearly be a King..... to us!

Our nephew and his wife are five and a half months into their wait.  The Christmas season next year will surely be a different scene entirely! 'Twas mentioned many times tonight that the annual family photo calendar is going to be twelve months of baby! Oh, the anticipation......

Here We Are....

The door closed behind us, an end to a long day where I've found much comfort. Evening rituals are being done.... a sip of water, washing of makeup - it's nearly time for bed. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Many of our holiday rituals have also been  accomplished. I have shopped and wrapped. I have baked and decorated. Together we have socialized, partied and toasted. The gathering of my "people" is what I love the most. People that need no introduction, we see them frequently.

Yet at this time of year there is also a feeling of connectedness, a bond that seems part of all humankind. Does that sound odd? I am happy to have a connection that is bigger than my immediate circle. I don't consider myself religious; more of a spiritually considerate person. As sure as the moon is large and white tonight and  as true as the stars shine brightly... somehow - HERE WE ARE on this beautiful planet with some divine guidance, able to live and thrive , to be happy, to wish for or strive to be - free, loved and respected. If you are a Christian then tomorrow is the birth date of Christ. No matter how you see it - HERE WE ARE - humankind; friends of this planet, and we should find a way to give peace a chance, love one another, offer a helping hand, all get along!! We can only hope....
And now, in all of my sentimentality... cue John Lennon, and sing with the choir... Give Peace a Chance!

And enjoy this season and all of the next that follow!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gimme a Break...

A brief respite today from the rain we've been having. It made for a beautiful walk. Caught a break on the weather and also a break on the prices of a few treasures! There are a couple of second hand shops that I just happen to see on a regular basis. You see, when my daily walk is in the vicinity of Los Gatos... that hilly place that I frequent - well, there is this place that I park in front of
These brick buildings are from the late 1800's (I believe).... pretty, don't ya think? The stuff inside is pretty too! Found some currently HOT linen-burlap look pillows.... CHEAP!! After my walk I dropped in at the Dollar Store, and then to Goodwill. Was just that kind of day. Left a few great items behind. No place for them to go in the little house. If I had a shop in which to sell; that petite wing back chair would've been mine.
Myself and fellow hunters of GW were serenaded while shopping today.
Previous to this lovely gentleman there was a "piano man" - and I use that term very loosely- that didn't mind tellin' ya that he'd "had a few drinks and a little weed too". Actually everyone was quite kind to the poor soul. He eventually quit banging the keys after he found this musician and forced him to play. We browsed while listening to Stand By Me. I thought that just maybe I'd justify my junk purchases by saying that I was shopping GREEN , doing my duty to reduce and reuse by giving some of the finds as Christmas gifts. Think you'd want any of these??
You can see the great shell box better in this shot....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sit Down And Put Your Feet Up

Most of this weekend was spent in my favorite nook near the fireplace. All that I could possibly need was near at hand. I browsed blogs. I caught up on the Merc (our local paper). I wept at old movies. Nearly forgot to go out for my daily walk.... and those walks were lacking in actual calorie burning oomph!!
As in this picture alot of the time I multitasked. Does that burn more calories??! The old black&white playing in the background is Miracle on 34th Street. Makes me cry every time! I had to replay Rudolph and Grinch also - they just suited the day! Between the oldies and my walks in a neighborhood that displays a tree in every yard  (by the way those trees are lit with the vintage LARGE size, multicolored strands) - I was feeling very nostalgic.  As in :

big ol' brights

multicolored strands of old....

I remember

Red, green and blue bulbs =
   ~ memories
   ~ childhood Christmases
   ~ Fernwood Circle
   ~ my parents
   ~ my brothers
   ~ tinsel
   ~ Mr. Cartwright Santa
   ~ filled stockings
   ~ squinting at the tree over by the front door

Love my memories, and adored my childhood.  Not nearly enough can be said for the family I am a part of, nor for the neighborhood in which I was raised. Truly blessed is one way to put it....

Friday, December 17, 2010

Beach Burg of Bolinas

Bolinas, California is situated on ruggedly scenic coast on one side and idyllic avian haven on the other.
Ever hopeful that their beachy-ness remain a secret, the "burg-ers" have written their way into history as foes of Cal Trans and their road signage. Each time a marker indicating mileage or entrance to the tiny town is erected it is also promptly and anonymously taken down.  I've no use for a Bolinas directional. I know the turn-off junction like the back of my hand. I've been visiting this beach burg for thirty years. It is a slice of heaven. If I could paint you a picture I surely would.... but, I can open a picture book -
Fisher persons, crabbers, surfers, artists, and hippies (still!) cohabitate on this one cloud in heaven...
I can never decide which side of this heaven I prefer - the lagoon with it's calm, or the untamed ocean

Artistes of all types ~

The hippies and the Ecos too!

Much satisfaction is garnered in the thought that I will be happy and peaceful one day - many years from now, I'm hoping - when I'm in my final resting place in heaven and on this cloud!  eewww is that a bit too morbid?  Well, just a fact. I guess that peace, serenity and both heavenly & earthly wonders are on my mind.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bird Walk

In honor of the grey guy sitting at home.....
This young man came to sit beside me and whispered in my ear.. (actually he squawked)...
Stinson Beach in Marin County, California - oh, so lovely today!
Sunny and cool days forecast and delivering they are! Lucky to live in California!
A little morning fog in the boat picture above....

Well... I'll stop here and let the lady go catch sunset with her husband. Appetizers and wine on the cliff!

Steep Ravine in December, at Sunset, and ALWAYS - a piece of God's wondrous creation!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Searching For Holiday Inn

One would think that once you've anted up and paid the price that surely you should be able to get the goods!!  No?  I'm not searching for the Holiday Inn known for their relatively low room rates - the National  hotel chain. Nope - just hopin' and wishin' that I could find the movie Holiday Inn on one of the many TV channels that this household pays for. Of course the only place that this classic is being shown is on the "other" station.  Have you ever seen this lovely dose of song and dance?  Oh, it is well worth your time! Makes me want to go to just such a place and stay a week or two. The movie came out in 1942 and stars Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby. This is the place where Bing croons White Christmas for the first time.
Hey, maybe I will search for a room at Holiday Inn! Now that I've googled it.... the real inn where the movie was filmed is nearly in my backyard! It is now called the Village Inn Lodge. It is in Monte Rio, a very tiny spot sitting on the Russian River.  I can't tell from the photos, but I think I've been there before!
Maybe a little Christmas elf will whisper to Santa (my hubby) that this is the perfect gift for a vintage loving gal (me)!!

poster art for the movie
At home sitting with the Christmas tree lit and listening to Classical Holiday station, I wrote and svaed this post. Good thing, because now I'm away and the little library's wifi isn't too quick! I can't get photos to download.. so here's this non-beach Christmas themed idea!

* Edited to add:  I had the names switched.... I prefer the movie WHITE CHRISTMAS to this version -   Holiday Inn.....  so go check it out!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Eerily beautiful fog !

Broke up in time for sunset last night ~
And fog again this morning at our rustic little cabin (I did a wee bit of Xmas decorating)

Great weather to walk in ~ 3.5 miles each way...

also good for sitting in the cabin and eating ~

Tomales Bay oysters
Finished posting at the local library, so back to cabin 7 I go....

to sit and dream and read and eat and sip champagne and slurp oysters and enjoy the sound of the surf
and take in the view of misty grey fog! Beautiful, wintry FOG!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Dashing Through The Sand......

Cutting through the fog in the morning.....

Heading to the ocean

To stay here ~

And dash through the sand here ~
How happy I'll be!!

That's All She Wrote

Feeling the time crunch?  Christmas Day is less than two weeks away.  The general feeling around this house is calm and spirited.....  hmmmmm it's possible that champagne has something to do with that! We had just a couple of friends in for a hearty bowl of lentils & ham.

 Decorations were completed and lights restrung outdoors.  We're now settled in (for our long winter's nap)! I pride myself on creating Christmas cards each year. It's official - I won't be designing, nor sending those greetings this year. Our home is sparely done yet pretty and...... well - that's all she wrote.... here's the proof -

living room - tv area

one many favorite ornaments

realize this doesn't look very Christmasy - not everything was done yet