Sunday, February 27, 2011

All Creatures....

All Creatures Great and Small.  Yes, it was a book, and also a TV movie, I think. I was a fan of the book. I am a fan of real creatures in life too. At the moment we only have one pet. There used to be another - our fox terrier, Riley. She's been gone from our home for ten years, she still resides in our souls. Hubby and I are those crazy people that stop dog walkers just to ask after their pet.

Many animals graced our travels this weekend. There is a particular petting zoo that I visit whenever I go to Carmel Valley. The place is set  up in a feed, grain and landscape business. Take a look at some of these sweeties ~

and how are ewe today?

mating dance and ruffled feathers

this is Eeyore, too busy eating to look me in the eye

And there isn't even a photo of the emu, chickens, tortoises or pig! Ah, the pig. So cute and rotund! I find him adorable. I loved the movie "BABE"!! Did you?

And the tiniest of creatures were found on a walk in the hills. Either the bees took over this tree and it eventually toppled, or someone found the hive and decided they best cut most of it down. I assume from the size of this comb that the majority of the bee clan hightailed elsewhere... else I wouldn't be close enough for these photos!!

I have a couple more of these shots, but in truth they kinda scare me. I get the heebie-jeebies lookin at 'em!
How is it then that I've also considered the possibility of beekeeping?? And a REAL BIG how can I consider that hobby when Hubby is very allergic???  uuuhhhmmm guess I shan't be an Apiary anytime soon! Maybe chickens are more our speed? I'd like to join the current trend of chicken ownership one day. We look, we think on it, we dream of them, we pause and go back to square one again....

All the babes of the world... so important,  interesting and amazing! Got my fill this weekend......

THAT'LL DO,  PIG!    (love that quote from the movie!)  Goodnight!


Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Tropics of Cali-hawaii

The weekend hasn't quite concluded and we've managed to fit in tons of fun, an event or two and several groups of our peeps. I'm tired just thinking about it....
We did not travel far - even if the blog title led you to believe we may have! Unfortunately our feet stayed on the ground, no airports in the weekend plans. We did manage to drink our way into the tropics, however!

Chopstick-ed our way through a couple of courses of Chinese food with friends....

There were many of us can tell by that line up of cocktails!

these aren't all for me!

It cannot be said that the possibility of snow - very unheard of in our area - should stop one from having an evening in the tropics! Hubby and I continued on with a tropic theme during the following day by beaching-it!
Will post about that tomorrow since I don't intend on being far from my cozy nook.  There are Oscars to watch tomorrow!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sunny Daffodils

Early morning on most Tuesdays the garden clippers are in my hand helping me to compose a pretty tussie-mussie of blooms from the yard. I select, they clip - I remove, they prune....  trusty little buggers!
Once a week I bring two bouquets of flowers to work. Always they consist of blossoms that I have grown. This week nearly the entire bouquet was made of daffodils. It is definitely their season!

Pockets of sunshine, those daffodils! They start a day off just right!

Oh, p.s. - a tussie-mussie is:
A nosegay, posey (or posie, posy), flower bouquet or tussie-mussie is a small bunch of flowers, typically given as a gift. They have existed in some form since at least medieval times, when they were carried or worn around the head or bodice to mask the unpleasant smells of the time[citation needed] - literally, to keep the nose gay (to keep the nose happy).

I came upon this word years ago at a sweet little hat shop in which I worked. Thanks Michelle!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Can't Hurt to Try

Awhile back I decided to remove a slipcover from a chair that was a part of our living room menagerie. It had sat there looking okay - could of been better. I bought it because of it's vintage appeal, but the satin fabric had seen better years. It once had been prettily striped in multi-hues. Nail head trim graced it's curves. Unfortunately I don't have a photo of the chair in it's original state. It was time for a make over.  Since I had nothing to lose - I could either reupholster, or re slipcover, I decided to try and paint the fabric!

Spray paint for fabric comes in a small can at a large price.  I just went for it and used plain old spray paint from Home Depot.

I was careful not to spray heavily, letting the fabric dry outside between coats. The satin seemed to take the paint very well. A stripe pattern still even shone through. I forgot to mention that my first step was to paint the small amount of wood an off-white. I then taped off the wood. I did NOT tape the nail heads, I went ahead and painted them black along with the fabric. I love the look!

Next I decided to stencil the back of the chair with an off-white paint.

In the end I also added a tiny touch of color. I used a Q-tip to paint the few buttons on the inside back a dark red.

  I'm intimidated, yet may still link this post to another blog that is asking for any DIY projects. This is one of the few that I've kept any progress photos of... sure wish there were that original, before shot! I surely have alot to learn about this blogging, photo, design stuff! And I love the learning process!

**** On Cinco de Mayo - I linked this post to The Inspired Room - cuz the topic was: You can do more with paint than the walls! That's for sure! Go look over there and see all of the lovely!

Monday, February 21, 2011


All forms of life's artistry kept me smiling, content and in awe this weekend. Food that was succulent, unique and fine!

homemade beer bread

This culinary display is of - a lovely slice of yeast & beer batter baked to perfection, dried and reconstituted figs that are warmed and have a thumbprint morsel of gooey, stinky cheese inserted. The tiny bowl is filled with Flaming Fig sauce for dipping. It has cayenne, balsamic vinegar and figs. DELISH! INDULGENT too because the main course was roasted veggies of every color and rack of lamb. OH MY!!
Don't put me near a scale anytime soon - we also overindulged with friends one evening. Too much wine, a similarly decadent meal and dessert also. YES! I did walk over the weekend... not nearly far enough!

notice many pieces of bread missing!

Enamored with a piece of artwork that we bought from a young filly of a gal. She's the daughter of a close friend. Trying her hand at painting and photography. We now have a Katie Wilcox original. Her website is . The title of our piece is "Hipster". She is now framed and sitting in our bedroom atop a large bowl of entangled costume jewelry. Check her out :

Trying ever so diligently to locate this artists CD.  While I know that I see her on many of the blogs that I browse, I'm thinking I may want to add her music to my blog. I can find the disc on-line, just was hoping to not pay shipping and give the business to some small local place.

This singer is Mindy Gledhill, the song is called Anchor. Such melodic pretty artistry ...

My life does feel like a woven tapestry that has golden threads interspersed among the mundane brown woolen pieces that are every bit as needed. As a whole it's the most beautiful rendition of a scene - a time and place. My scenery is abundant. My scenery seems to have more golden threads than most. I find my scenery fulfilling, artistic, creative. Happiness exists here!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Row, row, row your boat gently down the.... street. Merrily, merrily... possibly not so merrily if this rain doesn't ease up a bit! Train of thought heading towards watercraft and the like.... so segue to :

Have I mentioned that I like kayaking?? No? Maybe it's too soon  to say I like the sport, seeing that I have only done it a couple of times plus one lesson. Nonetheless - Me likey!!

Santa Cruz, CA
As a gift to Hubby for our dating Anniversary (yes, we acknowledge it) I bought us an ocean kayak
 moonlight paddle. Hubby was kind of trepidatious... unbeknownst to me. Then one day he lets me in on his fear that while kayaking at night with only the moon for a guide - if one were to spill into the deep... well, let's just say that sharks were in the picture. I hadn't considered this thought!!  Thanks alot pal!! So we switched the cruise to sunset and eased his mind.

Hubby's only reason to be conscious of the rare, but plausible, tipping of the vessel is that he'd gone and done it before. During our lesson after I was kindly assured and reassured again that NO ONE EVER FALLS IN, no need to wear any special waterproof clothing - it happened. Simple instruction given, entire class following as directed to go as quickly and fluidly as possible to the opposite side of the lake. I felt confident, quite strong in my rowing and ahead of the pack. All at once....


I didn't have to think twice, nor turn my head around to know who it was in the pigeon-pooed tepid waters.
Yep!! It was Hubby... straw hat and all! Too difficult to gain balance to climb back aboard so the entire class had to follow to the shoreline so that he could join us again! We laugh about this every time we talk about kayaking! At least the guy is still willing to give it a go...

Ocean kayaking probably has plenty of rocky moments, but this night was calm and amazing!

Oh, did I forget to mention that Hubby gets seasick?? There was a guide with us, a probable Jacques Cousteau wannabe, appropriately he pointed out many ocean facts and informed us of much flora and fauna. From the kelp beds the guide pulls up tender greens and says "go ahead, give it a try. tastes really good!" This was the straw that nearly broke the camel's back. Hubby shouldn't a listened! Queasiness come on quickly. Faux Cousteau asks "shall I paddle back with you to the pier?" OH NO - this group nearly experienced a different show by Hubby! Well he held strong and his tummy lightened up. The only thoughts on our minds were of the beauty all around...

Dolphins feeding at the tips of our vessels. Didn't get a picture though because I didn't want to rock the boat.
Seals staring at us from just below the surface. Their big brown eyes so inquisitive! And the reason we came to sit on this cold ocean water during the evening in the first place - the sunset!! Worth every shaky moment.

A little kayak surprise is awaiting Hubby for his Birthday too. Gotta spring it on him lightly. All in good time!
He doesn't know it yet... but we're goin' on a date that'll float his boat!!   HA!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

W - R - O - N - G !!

Yesterday I just happened to end my post with the fabulous thought of another day at the beach.


Guess one has to read their printed reservation confirmation in order to know the date of departure! On fourth vacay day as I was at the library loading photos and reading emails.....  hmmmmm I happened upon a note that I made on my computer calendar. Check-out from beach on Thurs. BY NOON.  This I'm reading on Thursday at ONE.  Oh my gawd! Not so easy to rush back to the cabin and inform Hubby that we are supposed to be one-with-the-highway, goin South, headin' home - when the road isn't easy to maneuver on the best of days and this one is pouring rain, hailing and windy!  Somehow we managed to beg forgiveness and exit stage right with cringing faces. Poor, poor Hubby!

So, when what I hoped to post was another day of silly fun - posing as some new conjured up personality... instead I had to headline with my big faux pas. But, now that that's out of the way - wanna guess who I dreamed up to play the part of Act III at the Beach???

Meet him - JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL - or do I have to be a she? I could be -
JOANIE LIVINGSTON SEA-GAL!!  She loves to ponder the waves :

She ate well while beaching. Bread chunks particularly. Cheese spreads firstly.

She felt a bit caged. See that view? Lots of dreary weather....

Then the sun broke through. She felt like soaring. Evening delighted her with color and beauty!

And the end of the story goes - Miss SeaGal then flew away. It was time to leave the beach. She REALLY
outstayed her welcome! The next Jonathan & his Miss were checking in and didn't want scavenging interlopers in their nest!  DANG! Couldn't they see that we had an entire evening of food already planned?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


New day, new persona! Yesterday I channeled a bit of Gidget at the beach, today feels more like Joan Baez does green grocer and town stroller. The town of Point Reyes Station has it's own form of bustle. I did a tad of bustling there this morning. Bakery bits, and cheese samples. A thrift shop browse and a stroll in the neighborhood - checking the cows and crows as I went.

Clean, fresh air! Fun, fresh ideas! Shopping on a different level than in the city.


Joan Baez would definitely shop here, live here >

Notice the population is very tiny town USA !!   and the locals change the sign with each new birth! I think Ms. Baez would approve of life in this little hippie place.

To cap off the total experience I drove single lane roads while hail hit my windshield, chomped on an organic peanut butter cookie while listening to Diana Krall and stopped along my slow crawl at any intriguing sight that made my heart pitter patter.

A fabulous vacation day! And best of all - I have another FRESH day tomorrow. Still at the beach and I may have to come up with another character to be......

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Campers

We're enjoying the beach! No raining on parades, and no cabin fever either!

Paying no mind to the drizzle, nor the wind!

I often dream of what this place may have looked like in the 60's when I was young. Some of the sights and sounds around this beach do have a retro vibe and remind me of an old Gidget-style movie:

Right down to the quintessential beach cottage! Can I please stay??

Even if this were the place that a Gidget would frequent, she wouldn't be donning a swimsuit today.
It is definitely wintry, but "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" of clouds! I'm jumping for joy!
I'm flying balloons! I'm playing Gidget in my own sort of way - sans the bikini for today, NO!! sans the
bikini for evah!! Okay, Gidget's high tailing back to camp. HAPPY !!                                                     

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Storms a Brewin'....

Downspouts are draining and the brick walk is a glistening, deep red stone. It's been raining and is supposed to continue that way for many days. The Spring Queen hurried away from the Ball with her crinolines all in an uproar. Winter came back to claim  a spot on her dance card!! Just watch though - she'll have none of that! Spring will two-step her way right back to the floor very soon!

And I shall not have anyone rain on my parade either! May have to wear slickers and boots, caps and scarves but I will still be walking the strand at Stinson Beach. Split wood is stacked ceiling high in the SUV.
We'll be plenty warm in our special rustic hideaway! Where we could possibly be blown-away!

Valentine window at our beach cabin 2010

Can you see that metal stovepipe and shaky wooden roof?? When the wind gets roarin' these instruments get rockin'!! Mix that sound with the ocean and it's quite a cacophony. So much so that it can be hard to sleep through! All just part of the experience! More to love about my favorite place!

I'll be talking to ya from there this week.....

Happy Valentine's Day !!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Change of Plans..

Valentine tulips

Spontaneity seems it should  be harder and harder to allow at a certain age. Hubby & I seem to do okay on this type of planning though. At least I think that we do! Surely this has something to do with the fact that we don't have children - HA!... who'm I kidding - the fact that we don't have GRANDCHILDREN! 

We suddenly and happily made a complete u-turn on our weekend plans. On Saturday much thought was bantered about on how we would do some heavy duty yard work. Pruning and total cutting down of one tree. Seems our chainsaw was not in proper working form, and thus left the gateway open for Hubby & I to find an out! Lucky us! Instead of back breaking, dirty work we were off to visit family and accomplish nothing...

We brought red Valentine tulips and shopped for a nice dinner to be made Saturday eve. The afternoon was sunny and we sat outside cat-like soaking up every last inch of warmth until the shadows sent us indoors. We lit a fire and cooked dinner together.

Pork tenderloin smothered in mushrooms, red potatoes with gravy and grilled asparagus made each of us ready for a nap. Oh, and glory hallelujah - the salad was divine! Mixed greens with walnuts, blueberries and Gorgonzola cheese!!

Once morning came to light we ventured out to a nearby lake for a walk along the shore.

Rainbow Bridge - Folsom

Oh, yes - the perfect surprise getaway. It truly was a rash decision as it cost us some needed hours of prep time as we are actually headed out the door again for another vacation to the coast. So worth every moment in the end.  Even if some time is "lost" to lazing, eating, breathing, talking, sharing, loving isn't that just exactly how we should LOSE OURSELVES from time to time??!

Go ahead.... try it! Go lose yourself!

I'm off to lose myself this week at my beloved Stinson Beach and Bolinas....