Friday, April 26, 2013

A Vintage Country Place vs. Techno World

Goat Hill Fair is about all my mind thinks of these days. The calendar is telling me to get busy! We've got less than three weeks til the show! Of course, in the midst of this - the computer's been down. I mean completely DOWN & OUT!! Not even residing in this household. It is finally back with me today.

Here are some ads, thoughts, posts that I've been sending 'round the social media sites to keep interest in our awesome event ~

The technology is back, but all previous applications ... (is that what they're called?).. are no longer on the hard drive. Unable to perform such tasks as those above ^... have to have someone, or moi (if I can figure it out) install them back to my ancient computer so I can make collages as these, or manipulate have fun with the photos I painstakingly take!

Taking the weekend off of all this tech-y $h**!!

Happy that it's Friday! Have celebrations to cherish these next few days!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

About A Bird..

The feathered, grey friend that we've had residing in our house for the last 28 years is named Greystoke. When he came to us as a small one year fledgling our assumption was that he was a boy.

What's the saying??.... never assume?

Today we got confirmation. Greystoke is a GIRL!!

Cause for lots of laughter and funny chiming-in on Facebook about our new status! We now have a girl... what shall we do about that?

Not going to change his her name. We love her just the same as always!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

While on the Subject of Family....

Takes me time in between writing... more and more so. I look back at the last few scribblings and each subject of late has been about family. Was it yesterday that I wrote about Japan-cousin? My, my, then it seems I'm making an appearance quicker than my recent norm.

This shall be the story of family (again).. done completely in the color of ballet slippers - an icon of dance - a shoe that dancers don as they exhaust their feet all for the love of their precious art.


I've not taken the time to write about a family affair from February. This PINK event was anticipated, savored and feted by all of Hubby's peoples!! Our niece auditioned and gained a spot on the very small, intimate dance troupe of PINK. Pink, the singer, artist, Go-Girl cheerleader, aerial gymnast.

I could use the same words over and over... seems no way around it - everyone is so PROUD of Janelle. In AWE. Excited. Happy. But, not surprised - she has worked at this - danced her feet to exhaustion for her art. She has taken classes and teaches classes. She practices, rehearses - eats, sleeps, and breaths dance. And, Janelle is fabulously good at what she does. She can make her body move in ways that seem abnormal - well, abnormal for us regular folk. And what a body she has!

she did back-up on aerials!! wooo hooo

At Christmas with the family gathered, she was on a brief break from PINK rehearsals. We got to have her with us for a brief while - before she'd journey away to far-off lands to cruise highways on a bunk in a big bus. Months before she'd fly skies above countries she'd always hoped to visit. She's to spend a year separated from her dancer-boyfriend, her Mama and her Bro-Bro and that young nephew she adores. Yet - that's what a professional does. Janelle has trained for these months of pain and UTTER JOY for most of her life. She is living her dream!

Janelle is the blonde on far right

Janelle far left

Janelle - easy to spot, she's the only blond (other than Pink)

We had family here from New York visiting at the time of PINK's local concert. ALL of us went to share this major moment in Janelle's life and dancing career. What a spectacular show it was!

backstage before the show

While Janelle is soaring - her spirits, in big ol' jet liners, and on acrobatic ropes... I too have a place in my heart that is flying high for the heavenly thought that there are hopes and dreams that do come true.

Dance as if your life depends on it, Janelle!! truly - your life does.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Japan and Scaramouche

Envision - an Italian restaurant, realistic decor and all - sitting in Kyoto, Japan. There is such a place. It's the new vision of Hubby's cousin. Our hopes are to visit sometime... we'll see how far we get!!

Creating an email and photo card to send to Japan, I sifted through some ephemera and souvenirs from our trips to Italy. Hoping to find something to gift to the entrepreneur. I've come up with a photo of a mask that was bought on a dark, rainy night in Venice. We purchased a Scaramouch - black with a long narrow nose, and a Bauta mask - white with a thick, protruding upper lip.

Here is mine ~

Scaramouch, I love you so!!... The nose is so long that its tip was broken off at a party - oh, so long ago!!

Here now is Bauta ~

Hoping that our cousin's fun combination of Japanese palates and Italian food takes hold. Most of all I'd like to have my mouth savor his cooking, and mine eyes tour the beauty of his adopted country!

Way to go, Rick!! Thinking of you and sending love and blessings...

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Seduction of Spring

That ole' crusty winter has been whisked away. Spring sent the winds to push it out of our lives for the next half-year or more. Remnants of rain - droplets of winter tears - periodically sprinkle newly planted seeds.

Mesmerized and enchanted by Springs flirtatious ways... that I am! Walking takes on entirely familiar, yet fresh & new emotions..   How delightful the mimosa perfume punctuating the air!
Kaleidoscopic color feeding my eyes.  So enticing the soft pink fruit tree petals cascading from the boughs... only to land in diminishing puddles and float in circles for a time.

Spring - deserving of an award for starlet of seasons. You make me smile - take my breath away at the beauty of nature - I sit in wonder of it all!

Joys are abundant in my garden, at my home during this early springtime in California! Lucky me!

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter & Lisa Kudrow Lyrics

The laughing-est family evening ever for Easter.

We drove to see my brothers and parents. One of my nieces in particular was the creator of some jolly time! My SIL is learning to play the guitar and she strummed for us first.. then the niece took over the guitar and added singing to the mix. Put her on stage and she can be a giggling, entertaining, raucous-laughing show!

Spring was present! Loved my SIL's flowers. My brother's pride-and-joy garden...

gift to the fam

With my "memory-garden" in mind, I thought to dig-up and divide iris from my yard. These particular bearded iris are from the garden of my Aunt Lorraine who passed years ago. Each spring I'm reminded of her when these beauties bloom. So, everyone was given a bag with a couple of rhizomes to place our Aunt's diligent work in each of their gardens... thus extending the spaces that memories will be evoked!

No egg hunt,  but I had dyed some at home just to place out for me to admire their color!

Lisa Kudrow will never know how many giddy-goat moments she inspired! "Smelly Cat" while not a traditional Easter hymn was the perfect touch to our Easter!

LAUGHTER!!!  good for the soul....