Monday, December 26, 2011

Silver & Gold

Glitter absentia in our house this Christmas....

Oh, except for that new beautifully gold & sparkly sandcastle ornament....

All that glitters is not gold.....

Silvery sea water on Christmas morn at the beach...

What a calm place to be on Christmas Day! Just me, Hubby, reading material and sand chairs....

Do I hear new tradition? This year it worked, just imagine though -walking or lounging during a winter storm.

Our toes were warmed by the golden sand....

Sunday, December 25, 2011

And... To All...

A Good night! Sweet Merry Christmas dreams!

From our cottage to you....

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Uniquely Ours

Nearly always I opt for different. Even without asking to, out of the norm is exactly what this Christmas has been! Really?... it has mostly been quite nice!

Stanford Memorial Church for a dose of spiritual loveliness ~


Christmas cheer shared at the hospital. Hubby walked a very big hill. Chasing the sunset to the top. We didn't get there in time, but it was clear, crisp and refreshing to be outside.

We visited some city horses ~

Our traditional family dinner and gifts was postponed due to illness. Hubby & I ate marinated crab in candlelight with a movie going ~

Late eve visitors stopped by for some bubbly cheer and a plate of homemade Italian biscotti from our neighbors.

Time to give Santa free reign of the house. Leaving the lights on outside. Burrowing 'neath the warm covers to escape the chill. Christmas comes but once a year - TOMORROW.  This year goes down in our family memory as one of the least traditional.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Weather Outside Is SO NOT Frightful...

Half an hour away from Winter Solstice.  Many pieces of the season have felt unseasonable! Is it the Charlie Brown-ing inside my home? Has the lesser lack of funds changed up the gift giving to a degree that seems Bah Humbug? Or just maybe the unrainy, rarely blustery weather has my holiday mood held hostage? I know better than to dream of a white Christmas. That just doesn't happen in these parts...

{photo via Internet}

we instead have ~

and ~

Hubby and I will probably go to the beach on Christmas day. Quite the California holiday. I'm sure to find some spirit surf side. It just won't be the same... but, nothing much about the end of this year has been!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Hounds, Beasts And Others...

More animal talk

Bergdorf Goodman's adorable use of dogs to advertise for Christmas giving ~

On the fence about seeing this movie ~

What's to wonder??? love the actors, love the premise...  and of course love the wildlife!    

If my heart can take the emotion and I stuff my pockets with tissues, then I shall catch this film - for sure

War Horse

True to life sights  



And, Kitten-at-Christmas......

Hard to explain. My family has taken to calling Hubby, kitten. As he had stated about his illness that he was weak as a kitten. With eye lined whiskers he greeted everyone during our early Christmas..... so silly !

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Besos to Mi Familia

... and mistletoe, help to make the season bright...

Celebrations of life. We had a few reasons to come together and, as a family, mix and mingle and all such holiday activity!

This was the first of our holiday gatherings. Christmas with the boisterous clan. Also my parents' 55th wedding anniversary, and a birthday too. We had a full house, full glasses of cheer and even fuller stomachs.

All of these delectable photos above ^ taken by my dear nephew-art-student as he experienced the family Christmas with my camera....

That's nephew-art-student in the round ^..

Had lots of fun with a Rice Krispie treat ginger-style house...

The need for naps was apparent

for furry family members, and others too....

High doses of voices, emotion and love. Our time was brief,  the north star shone brightly far too soon.

another nephew original

and a collage full of love and Holiday happiness....

Given the circumstances of our summer health dramas I was more than thankful that I could wish my parents another year of marriage and family gatherings. God willing and the creek don't rise!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Sky Blushed

Walking at sunset gave a show worthy of it's own post ~

A barn and surroundings in pink...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quaint Country Christmas

Barn lofts outfitted with lit Christmas trees... now, that's a smile inducer!! I'd love to have this out in my back forty!!


Farm in snow via Country Living ^

my own photo
Tricking myself into believing that the simple, natural, and inexpensive trinkets I've decorated with are of the sweet country style above. Yes, well, a form of sugarplum dreams really.  Maybe our cottage is more Charlie Brown-ish than not!

Pulling mammoth bins from the rafters isn't on Hubby's list of activities to do safely. Thus, not the annual lovelies to peruse and pull from in order to deck the halls. Doing quite alright anyway...

A fresh green sprig here, and a paperwhite there, with a few strands of twinkle everywhere.

Started on the tree. Wrapped the vintage fruit picking bucket (very country!) in toile fabric. But, if you set your eyes near the top of the tree you'll notice that the lights never make it to the top. I got started, didn't have another strand, and still haven't made it to Target to get more. Pretty sure the tree will still look this way on Christmas day! Even less decked out than Charlie Brown's... not one ornament hung, nor popcorn string either. Oh so quaint.... or oh so lazy, however you wanta look at it!                           

Greenery hung here and there.....                                                                           

Paperwhite bulbs that I forced. Pieces of shrubbery from the yard. Simple and natural.

A sadly pruned topiary that sports a couple of baubles...  oh so C. Brown-ish!

Feels okay to go minimal. Ya know what really makes me smile?? I'll feel so happy after New Years when clean-up and pack away take less than an hour!!   Yahoo... that'll be a good way to start 2012!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Urban Evenings or How Shari Got Her Groove Back

I love the nightlife, I love to...  BOOGIE ??? not sure on that particular point, but I've actually witnessed the moon rising lately!

A few weeks ago I mentioned a book signing. Along with my mother-in-law, we ventured out in the dark to our version of the BIG CITY. Actually in size and population, I guess San Jose can be considered Metropolitan. It's no NYC, to be sure, but there is some nightlife. I just don't have much boogie after five!

This book was written by a family member of a family member...

Our local paper wrote:
Strike Two-A Steamy Little Romance

The newly opened, hottest spot in San Jose, San Pedro Square Market Bar is the location for this no-host, ladies-night book signing. The Market Bar has created a signature cocktail in honor of the event. It's called Romance Beckons --a heady blend of fruit juice and liqueurs, and deliciously pink, of course!
Kinzie will have her pen ready to sign books (and autograph cards for those who use e-readers). She'll also have a few books on hand for sale. You don't have to purchase a book to join the party.
What to wear:
Whatever you want, but Kinzie is dressing up: sky-high heels, slinky dress, the works! Why not? It's fun and this evening is about fun!

Skirt, pointed toe heels (not sky-high) and leopard print jacket - I got my BOOGIE BACK! Just long enough for a cocktail and a signed book. Twas fun while it lasted...

the author and signature cocktail
 Different city scape, different event ~

Didn't see a film...

Didn't get inked either...

Like a hip-metro couple, we sat at a banquette in a dimly lit, yeasty scented tapas bar. I felt nearly 30..40 mkay - the full 50 something that I am, but completely an URBAN-ITE!!

Pour me another Manhattan, please! and while we're at it.... FLY ME there too!

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Regular

And, back to our regularly scheduled programming....

Walking and animals, that's what I do best most, five out of ten times at least! Good thing I write this for myself, seein' how if I had followers they might be awfully bored with the programming! hhaa

Freezing temps in the night, and sunny crisp afternoons. Leaves on the deciduous boughs are barely clinging anymore. Lawns are strewn with crunchy, brown, red, and gold confetti. The aftermath of windstorms. Hillsides of California gold are lightly touched with green.

Switching channels to the other regularly scheduled program ~



Zoo time is over for now. Back again in the newest episode, I'm sure! hhaaa