Sunday, June 30, 2013

And Then..... {Fifth in a Series on Celebrating 25}

May 14th - Hubby & I celebrated the date that we wed 25 years prior. In my post ~ Fourth in a Series, you saw what a memorable gift and experience this was. We've outdone, overcompensated, overly indulged ourselves for a month or more... yet, I still have another celebration to share.

This is the garden party that we invited my family and a small contingent of Hubby's to share in. A lot of prep, many days of work and most importantly a gorgeous and fun event was held in my Brother and Sister-in-laws garden.  We were sure to fete other celebrants and monumental life events on this day. A niece graduated from High School, and a brother and nephew had birthdays.

The tables were decked out in beach theme decor, with touches of silver for the 25th Anniv. Silver trophy cups and starry firework sprays for the graduate.

At our place setting - were these forks that I had engraved by a GOAT HILL artist just for this occasion. A SILVER memento for Hubby & me.

The glass with silver 25 monogram was a gift from a friend ^

Hugs & kisses aplenty  ^

Saltwater taffy cupped inside scallop shells as a favor (colors of pink chosen because this was part of our color scheme on our wedding day)

Beautiful niece reading her graduation messages ~

One gardenia blossom was ready.. and placed specially by my husband and sister-in-law, at my spot. Gardenias are the flower we had on our wedding day.

Handmade and VERY delicious cupcakes were created by our talented niece! She took an old family favorite recipe and adapted it to make these. Then she invented a special icing. She made the day so very memorable!

My MIL was the one responsible for this gathering. She truly wanted us to have a party to celebrate this big occasion. She definitely got this party started...

I believe I'm nearing the end on the Anniversary stories....
May was a month to remember - for sure!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

On This Day....

We have given others the right to choose whom they will love, share their life with and the equal right to be bound together - a commitment not to be taken lightly, by any of us! EQUAL... the main concept here. No one of us is above or beneath another. All humans on one planet.. that should be trying to get along - and LOVE one another!

This is a photo of Hubby & I celebrating (what else!) our anniversary of 25 years of marriage. I felt it just the right statement to add the symbol of the "equal" colors and profess my happiness that others will have the opportunity to dream of years together in the relationship of marriage - if they so choose!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

They Are Plum Delicious

That time of year again...

Basket loads off to family & friends' homes and double that amount on the ground. Have you ever squished your toes in a sun-warm, over-ripe, fallen plum? gooey & cringe inducing, it is!!

Proably should call out our local food for the hungry establishment and ask if they'd like to get some bags full. They'd have to cart their ladders with 'em though - much of the bounty is now left in the higher boughs.

I would not mind trading some purple plum, for some cherry cherries!! Our backyard garden forest doesn't include these delectables...

Summertime is upon us!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Fond of Our Country's Symbol...

Flag Day today...

Some Red, White & Blue spirit for everyone....

I keep the flag raised in front of my home most of the time. Are you someone that lowers their flag each evening? I know that is protocol - but, I just don't.
EXCEPT !...... skid to a halt... apparently I do sometimes take Old Glory down - she's not seen flying in the photo below. Possibly because the flag holder is just out of the shot on the left side of photo, at the corner of the house.


May your flag unfurl in the soft gentle breeze of summer. Enjoy the weekend. Experience all that the flag epitomizes - FREEDOM, and the American way.

A beach - with Red striped umbrellas sounds a good way to go!!

A little music (under the flag) at a festival for some weekend downtime??

Or, maybe a backyard gathering with some friends...

Whatever you may do - feel blessed to be able to make that choice!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Got Statues??

Like garden statuary much? Apparently I have a fixation! While out in my back-forty (hhaa), tending to the massively overgrown garden, I took notice in all of the pieces of various statuary that are artfully gracing my yard. Seems I've got a cement art gallery going on back there! Wanna see?...

wait!... there's more ~

and finally....

looks like some foofing of the bacopa is needed !  ^  a little fertilizing, maybe?

Thus you have my garden gallery! There are a few more pieces a bit worse for wear, in bits 'n pieces strewn about. I really should part with some of those!

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fourth (and not last) In a Series on Celebrating 25 Years...

I left off from the tale of Anniversary mega-celebrations with a photo of a monstrous building {click} and will continue {if you are inclined to read more) from this photo that you've already
seen ~

I was presented with an unpurchaseable statement of love. Hubby had, for months, been compiling memories, thoughts and scribble-drawings of highlights during our years together - some married years and some before that. That is the final page of the booklet in his hands. On his bucket list two items were checked off - marrying me, and staying so for 25 years. The third item on the list was for us to check-off that very evening. We were staying overnight at the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay!!

Every square foot of this resort oozes luxury. The surprise was beyond comprehension, as this is very unlike us to stay in spendy places! No detail was left out. The room was littered with rose petals. The bed had towels shaped into swan hearts. We were greeted with "Happy Anniversary" wishes.

25 in petals

I laughed til I cried, and I cried - til I laughed. My chuckling at the drawings in the booklet had both of us gasping. A memorable place to sit and read this gift - ensconced in a dramatically large Adirondack chair, on a sunlit afternoon on the Ritz patio overlooking the grand Pacific. Perfection!

We had a private patio, and our own fire pit. We opted to stay on the patio all through the evening - who could waste a moment of that view? Dinner was a picnic here, with champagne to toast US!
The sky was blue... and as much a surprise as the gift, as Half Moon Bay is notoriously foggy! Sunset was meant just for our celebration!

A quick 24 hours we had, but you can't very well leave the beach without a walk in the morning!

Time for us to head home and for me to get up to the hill.. on the property with the goats, 'cause it was nearly the big day for Goat Hill Fair. Lots of work to be done. I've been busy as a bee...

Believe it, or not, the Anniversary stories are yet to be complete!! there's more to come.....

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Can you imagine having to ask someone  ~  will you forget me? Probably one of the worst thoughts I can conjure. To believe that my life and the place I've made for myself in this universe will no longer have meaning to someone - meaning enough, anyway, that you are thought of and remembered.

Yes, my friend, this is written with you in mind. I know that you come to my place here on this page and read my thoughts from time to time. Circumstances leave you with only periodic abilities to check on my musings. But, I do know that you will sometime again....

She has asked me this thought ~ "will you forget me?" in question form and in statement. With a quivering voice and a hard to miss pleading she has also stated that she will be forgotten; lost to the years of not belonging. It makes me quiver - a repulsive thought, that I'd rather strangle.

If only I could send you bouquets of fluffy white each week. You would see that you are thought of in the beauty of my garden. Where would I send them? Where would that address be that your body & soul should reside in comfort and peace for more than weeks at a time? Never ending uprooting - that is how I see your last four years. Your soul cannot possibly light as your body has put restrictions upon it and each time your spirit breathes a sigh... "ahhh , I am home and resting in wellness".. then your traitor of a body flings the next unforgivable act at you.

If words could do as a gift of remembrance.. then that is what I do here, albeit only very few times have I spoken about your suffering. Instead my words come by way of a telephone line - but your rootlessness can put stumbling blocks on this also. The numbers for you have collected on scraps of paper strewn near my computer, near to the telie, even written in erasable pencil unto our address book. Many numbers that often go unanswered when phoned.

Surely in your mind, that group of vibrant, loving, raucous, delightful women that you've shared the highlights of your life with - have moved on. You would be mistaken to think such! Continuing on with life is far different from leaving the past behind never to be thought about, or spoken of again. The extremeness of your life and health of your body has changed many things - it has NOT, and will never make anyone FORGET about you.