Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nearly Edible...

Pour this flower into a glass and add alcohol ~

What will you get???

A Tequila Sunrise !!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Life and the Box of Chocolates...

Does this look like a box of chocolates to you?? ONLY THE CUTEST ONES EVER!!

A gloriously vibrant paper menagerie !! I'd love one of every creature!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Daisy Chains & Other Sunny Thoughts

Nothing particularly grand today, yet OH SO specifically wonderful when combined together! Just that type of day that makes you smile.  Made me walk lively. Brought out the best in everyone - and everyone and their brother were out!! Oh, and  everyone and their parrot too ~   see

The reservoir over abundant and spilling through the dam - really quite a sight!
fierce, pounding water from the dam

Our State flower has begun to bloom ~

These flowers bring back memories of a childhood in the sixties and making daisy chains! SWEET!

I walked, I hunted for treasure, I gardened, I spoke with my Mom, I kissed Hubby - regular everyday "good things" and all combined made for a sunny, happy day!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow

Mr. Weatherman says the sun will shine tomorrow. That's the prediction, and I'm sayin' GLORY BE !!

Sunshine did walk with me for a time this morning. So glad to have it along! Surely makes things that much more  bright and enjoyable! Here are some of the sights that sunshine and I took in today ~

a little foxglove

knock, knock!! is GEORGE home??  HA!
ferns and green for miles...

they even grow in the arms of a tree
 I walked from green forested woods to wide open vistas ~
San Jose is off in the distance...
I saw expensive statuary  at manses ~

lovely entry to a fine abode....
and the simplest decaying fences of ranches ~

barbed wire & sour grass
 Shall I quote another musical??... hmmmm ...     llalalala  "the hills are alive..."!!! and FINALLY today, I was
NOT ... singin' in the rain !

"This California dew is just a little heavier than usual"......
(did ya notice Debbie says this at the start of the clip?)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Such Is Life...

The ups and downs. The extremes, both good and bad. The sweetness in life and the bittersweet also. This is how life happens for each of us. Yes, it is a wonderful world because of and despite these occurrences.

I spent some time with a friend today as she waited to hear how her Mother was fairing during open heart surgery. Tense and anxious were the emotions in the room; levity in the form of jigsaw puzzles helped ease these.

FAMILY - always! ... Will forever be...

 As of now it is post-surgery and recovery will be a long haul. Extremes did happen here - from feeling utterly frightened - to cautiously optimistic. And such goodness also, that this family be gathered together again.

Tomorrow morning a very happy and special meeting will take place. A long time due and dreamt oft!
That beautiful friend of mine (with challenges aplenty) has overcome many obstacles to come to a point of good health and life restored. The plan is to meet midway betwixt our homes - 3 of us - again! Our faces have not smiled at one another for months. Laughter and chatter will rattle peoples eardrums, I'm sure! I am so very proud of her accomplishments. I feel much more assured at this sustained wellness. There is an actual sensation of fullness in my heart....  swelling.... gratitude! Her life has been saved. It is a wonderful world! I have the opportunity to glimpse into the eyes of what feels like a long-lost-friend... she really was not... yet there we will be seated side-by-side sharing our stories as if nothing has changed!  And truly so much has changed and still so much is the same!  The wonder of life...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rainy Days & Thursdays...

La, la la la . Da, da da da da da ... Always get me down... 
I know the words are really rainy days and MONDAYS always get me down.... here's a glimpse of that ~

 But, I'm sorta blue today - on a Thursday! Just a slight bit tired of our inclement weather. I'll get over it though... just a minor blip! Some worries that the very few starter annuals I've put in the ground may very well drown! Their tiny roots are probably clogged with our clay dirt and the puddles all around them.

With vintage umbrella and galoshes I went to survey some of the scene ~

Lady Banks roses just starting to bloom

Purposely left a corner of the umbrella in each of those shots...still playing around with my new toy!

I'm anxiously awaiting a true blue-skyed, sun filled, yet cool day to get going on my raised beds of vegetables. What shall I plant this year? I might give pumpkins a go. If I only had more sunny spots! Gourds and squash of all kinds would be a great item to decorate my booth at Goat Hill.

Speaking of Goat Hill - I've had some fun treasure hunting!  I'm going to post a story about some of my adventures through the years on  my decor and vintage blog: See ya over there!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shooting a Canon

The new girl in town - my camera - is a Canon. I shall fire many rounds from her! She truly is a blast!I will aim my Canon at other people - not usually enemies!... okay, enough puns for now....
I am loving this camera. Reminds me of my young years toting a big 35mm camera around my neck. I used to be something akin to a family historian. Well, maybe I just fancy myself far too much - but, I did take zillions of pictures, own many lenses and should have owned stock in Kodak film. Here's the new kid in town:

For now she goes everywhere I go. Gotta test and try!! Today's field trip was out to dinner for my Birthday.
Hubby took me for a Mexican tapas, "nearly gourmet" dinner (big splurge for us). It was divine!

handmade,warm tortillas with dipping sauces (salsa)

pozole soup on a rainy night!

seared scallops and....  OH MY!
The side dishes with my meal were pure heaven! One was potato and corn topped with black beans. The ultimate though was the mixture of chayote squash, corn and green beans! Have no idea what the thin sauce was (other than delicious). My Mexican Grandmother used to make a similar recipe. My Mom passed it on to me. When I've looked for a name to this dish, and again when I asked tonight, it is merely called calabacitas - meaning little squash. I will be sure to make it more often! Maybe I can sneak the sauce recipe from the chef at Consuelo's??!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Learning Curve

Be careful what you ask for! I've researched, I've trial tested, I've quizzed techies ad nauseum. I now have in my possession a BIG GIRL CAMERA!! Oh boy and Oh no!! You do realize that after you've requested such an item and the world turns in your favor and you get your wish - well then you have to learn how to manage the darn thing! She is sleek, black, beautiful and oh so smart! My, oh, my, what this contraption can do!! The instruction manual is very big!

Lots of reading to do! I don't think I've had homework since Jimmy Carter left the peanut farm for D.C.!
So, off I go to practice and study. Here are a few of the very first pictures from the new girl! They should only get better from here ......           I HOPE!

milk at table side while I unwrapped the new prize

studying til the wee hours by lamp light

Don't be eyeballing me ! He's wonderin' bout all the cussing going on...

I've got a WAY BIG learning curve ahead!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just The Beginning

Starters - Spring, Plants and my Gardening routine. Seems Mother Nature has decided we can begin anew now!

Wasn't much, but I spent a couple of hours in the yard while the sun was out. Supposed to be spitting at us again for the weekend......

I find that a short time gardening is satisfying, but really doesn't make much head way. After the long winter when I rarely enter the backyard of our home, it can take weeks to get the yard back to vibrant!

Mostly annuals went into the ground. Mostly white, and mostly pansies and impatiens...

The pictures don't look like much, but given a month and these spots in my yard will be sporting plenty of spring blossoms!

Monday, March 14, 2011

They've Gone and Done It!

Officially this has been " WITH A CHERRY ON TOP " kind of day!
 My jaw dropped when I entered the house, and stayed that way for quite some time while I took it all in! Willy Wonka's factory was everything I dreamed it would be! Amazing technicolor. Enough candy to bust Augustus Gloop's gut.  Dripping with creativity just like the chocolate fountains! A signature drink to make one giddy - and not cause of the vodka - giddy at the vibrant turquoise fluid! A cupcake creation that reached into the Ace of Cakes files and came out way ahead!!

                               OH, MY WORD !!!

I do believe they've gone and done of the most impressive parties I've ever seen! And all of this was in honor of our Great Nephew and his Momma.
Let's just say the cherry on top didn't slide down a melting scoop and get lost in the bowl. Oh no!... still more beauty and excitement to rock my world....

At Goat Hill in the Santa Cruz Mountains I was about to be floored again! I will be participating in an antique event later this year. We had our first meeting and tour of the place that will be hosting. I should just let the pictures do the talking, but, that just wouldn't be me! Now, would it?? Dreamy white farmhouse plucked down into an orchard and meadows. Baby goats in the barn. Gardens galore. Massive redwood trees. The setting of a plein-air artists dream! Here, on this farm we will have the first annual Goat Hill Show. I am in awe, nearly speechless that I am invited to be a part of it! Much more on it in the following months. Also on my new blog:

thus the reason for the farm name - Goat Hill...

* This post is without photos because there are technical difficulties. We'll see what I can do about that.*
    will add some great shots when I'm able!  Well now a couple of pics are added, but still many problems!
May not post for a day or five!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Dose of Healthy

When the cool of the morning melted away and the sun sought to give radiant warmth, we began the single file march. There were  eleven. I was the curious newbie. I've found a group of fellow trail-hike-lovers to join on weekends. A good dose of healthy exercise was in store for me. The plan was to accomplish a 14 mile jaunt through the woods in approximately 4 hours. Was feelin' powerful and powerful nervous too!

Castle Rock State Park

spelunking, anyone?
Picture perfect day for hiking with a crisp bite to the air and sunshine atop your scalp. It was a pleasure to meet this tribe. We did manage the trek in the time allotted even with stopping to photograph and enjoy the the scenery. Amazing this place I live!

the ocean is far off in the distance

the crew
Time breezed by, but also couldn't have gone much longer - my knees said one hill too many!

A dinner menu purposely planned to continue HEALTHY was next up for the afternoon. Nothing so good as the smell of chicken soup roiling on the stove top!

Cue evening, cue movie - serve up the soup and be thankful for that beautiful day!

Friday, March 11, 2011


A green frog has taken over my house! A couple of them. It's all in good fun though, they're all a part of my gift for Charlie's baby shower Sunday. The new Mum and Pop have decorated the nursery in jungle theme, soft green, beige, browns. Many an animal are included. I particularly like the monkeys that I saw on the bedding! Oh, so sweet! From that scheme I then tackled my project...... here is some of what we have ~


A request from the invite asked to bring some diapers. No one specified they had to be the newfangled plastic-y things! So I hunted for the old cloth style. FOUND 'em! Don't think people use them much anymore!
The whites were dyed a spring-like green to match the jungle! Pretty, huh? wait though - there's more....

my supplies

I then ironed on stitched letter "C''s to the backside of the diapers. Charlie will have is very own monogrammed bottom!!
Oh the laughs trying to remember how I folded these things when my brother was a wee tot!! I nearly knocked on the doors of my elder neighbor ladies to ask if they could recall! I came up with one diaper that would fit an adult!!

Next the frog and more green...

The frog face is a plastic bib that has a catch drawer for falling objects!!  HA!

This is the special package for the secret diaper event. Will it be for a game?? Love that ribbon that says
                             ~     Welcome little darling    ~

And.... I did forget to take a snap of the gifts inside. One was another froggy. That guy was very rubbery  and slips onto a sink or tub faucet for safety during a bath. Adorable.

I'm quite pleased with the outcome. Just hoping they don't think it's all a bit too JOLLY GREEN GIANT!