Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Grey, Not Gloomy...

From sunny sandy afternoons to dewy grey days .....

Beauty in unexpected ways......

Days with little color, yet they color my world.

Monday, November 28, 2011

One Of My Better Ideas..

A place of my own. A window onto the world... with a view all my own.....

a tattered window with many stories to tell

November 28th.
 In 2010 the blank screen seemed to loom - I had started Abundant Picnic. I became a blogger. Today, same November 28th, just one year later. It's my Anniversary. There have been 229 journal entries. From the get-go, there was no intention of becoming the most popular, or making money from my blog. I write about anything that sings to me; some subjects where the song is more likely a weepy melody. Intending this place to be my personal journal that I share with just a few. I'm generally more at ease when I write now. There is a certain cadence to the clicking keyboard, and my thoughts as well. I'm hoping to keep that rhythm and pace.

A TOAST...    ~ BRING ON 2012 !! ~
There's plenty of abundance in this life !  ....

Shall I celebrate with a glass of champagne? More likely that I'll be hunkered down, my vintage yellow woolen blanket warming my feet. The very same computer that kept this writing idea alive will surely be in it's usual spot upon my lap. How The Grinch Stole Christmas will be Cindy-Loo-Whoing. {ahhhh - deep sigh} Much is the same night after night.

here's part of my very first post ~

Out with the Old - In with the New

This isn't a post for the New Year as Glamour mag may do for the most current WHAT'S IN/WHAT'S OUT.
Just a good title for this day. The NEW happens to be my first post on this finally realized blog! hooray!! Also more new.. as in new decor to come.... because I'm setting OUT the old, and tired looking Autumnal bits. It's time for Christmas. This here gal doesn't like to change the guards until after the turkey has been made into soup! Thanksgiving should have it's time. A lovely time it was too. In fact Hubster & I had 3 Thanksgiving events to attend.

That's how it all began ^.  Thanksgiving just passed again. When looking through the many stories I've journaled - my, so much has changed in this one year!

Feeling glad that I've kept at this blogging experience. I'm looking forward to the next year of
Abundant Picnic !

I've crossed a bridge and there's plenty of beauty and open space beyond it.... just waiting to be found!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Seabright on Saturday

The family decided to go sandy for turkey left overs. Seventy degrees and sunny, with no fog, nor wind gave us the idea. Our intention was to play bocce ball at the beach. No one got off their sand chair to play. Sparkling waves kept us entranced....

Unable to resist the charms of the November day, we stayed on much later than planned. Perfect ending to watch the skies change color and the sun to lower it's orange rays into the silvery-blue depths.

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Calm After

 Much of yesterday was spent cooking, cleaning, decorating. Then too there was the eating, drinking, talking. ABUNDANCE of all kinds!

Felt the need for quiet, outdoor walking today. Also I crafted, read and managed to consume left-over pie!

I did NOT go Black Friday shopping, cook, or decorate for Christmas. Waiting a week or two for that!

Pretty sure that I will start my Christmas-mood jump start on Monday evening. I'll be continuing a long running family tradition of watching this ~

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Family time tomorrow. The thought makes me happy. I may possibly weep when I'm with everyone....

May my family and friends know the love that I carry for each of them...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Fable

Quick and light storyline tonight ~

Still walking, nearly daily. Oh so pretty ~

our tennies buried beneath the leaves

Remember the tortoise and the hare?

The hare needs to be quickening her pace on these walks ~

Walking with Hubby is not doing me  her the hare any favors.  :-)

The tortoise only has the stamina and energy to maintain a specific pace. Hare on the other hand has been lallygagging a bit too much. She used to keep a brisk pace. She used to cover hilly terrain with little exertion. She used to have a smaller behind!

At the current slow pace, lovely photos are taken and conversation with Tortoise are possible. Yet Hare is losing the race. A race of time and the goal of a healthier lifestyle.

The lesson to be learned from this fable is : slow and steady relates to winning of the race -


I've got this nagging feeling that I'll be one of the millions with a New Years resolution that begins with DIET, and ends with exercise!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rites Of Life

Ceremoniously we gathered in His house and lovingly smiled upon the service of Baptism being held. Our great nephew, in his handcrafted white romper, eyed his surroundings in wonder. He was smiley, joyful and quite content. Did he feel the love? Was this little creature able to sense what this morning meant to his village of loved ones? Such a profound thought -one, this amazement that I'm into another life phase. The next generation - my GREAT nephew!

Well, and the MOST profound thought about Charlie and his introduction to God and the hope of his parents (and us) that he find a lighted path in life to spirituality and good deeds. The best we can hope is for him to have guidance to all things GOOD.

I'm keenly aware of this same ceremony held twenty seven years ago for his father. That lovely young man found his way to a good and caring life. This rite of passage will be one of many for Charlie, both inside the walls of church, and in our big ol' world. Important times, these gatherings, we may feel emotions in our hearts, but together in a group, the bonding and kinship are immeasurable. May the happiness and tender love flow over into Charlie's world.

May angels watch over you ~

May sunshine brighten your road ~

Remember always to abide the Golden Rule ~

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you...

There's possibly no better lesson to be learned in this life!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Found My Fall Mojo

Roasting vegetables at high temps, savoring the earthy scents - and then gladly leaving the oven door ajar once they're done. On winter evenings I routinely scoot the top baking rack so to prop open the oven door, thus giving our home a little extra warmth for the sleeping hours. Along with that pilot light that we relit the other day... many seasonal shifts are taking place here.

An emotional and energetic shift with me too? I've enough want and willingness to tackle more winter house needs! FINALLY!! Near to this time each year I'm onto thinking about how I'll decorate for Christmas. Mind you,  I DO NOT DECORATE UNTIL THANKSGIVING IS OVER! There's just something wrong with that (for me anyway). I like the turkey to get his due! Usually I've switched out pillows for warmer colored ones. The cozy touch of throws are draped on the sofas. Barely getting 'round to Fall and now it's little over a week 'til trees and ornaments.

Today was that day  - bring on more warmth. Starting with a clean slate is the most easy way to work. That means I become furniture mover for one day, and muscle achy decorator the next. Pushing everything to the walls - I began

The heft of the living room area rug nearly left me hunched for life! It had to be cleaned first... it was a long day! Yet, I felt happy and exhilarated.

Here's mid-way through, the HUGE rug is still partially rolled; some of the furniture moved to new spots.

Piles exist on surfaces everywhere. I've definitely got to learn the art form of editing! My collections are goodies that I've lovingly picked from many awesome flea markets and sales. Attempts at storing these decorative "smalls" is also an art form. Not an easy task in a tiny cottage. I've got my work cut out for me.

Here's the work in progress ~

Notice those 2 splotches of peeled stucco off the wall below the painting? That's how well art tape works! I'm sorta fond of that look. Not so much at first. But, REALLY! Reminds me of old decaying walls in a French farmhouse.... (or something like that).

Tomorrow the darker draperies will be hung. There's a fur throw and animal pillow to find. I've switched out some lamps and their shades. The dining room got a new treatment ~

Never used the red shades before.... do they resemble a bordello too much?? HA

I can tell that kneeling, squatting and bending will be difficult tomorrow! Even my thumbs ache while I type this post!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Torch The Pilot

This ol' house of mine....

It's sooo old ~

How old is it ??   paddum pum....

She was built in 1945 says the yellowed and fading paper we found in the garage.

She's so old..... there's a metal thingamajig on the floor which hurts if you step on it....

Oh yeah, that floor thing is a grate, that covers a hole - the insides are known as a heater! Maybe you've never seen one.... they're that old! We extinguish the flame in 'er during summer and then relight the pilot every winter. It's that time!

Thanksgiving nears and December icily moves to overthrow Autumn.

Move away icy cold.... allow us our time with fall... it's so beautiful....

Word with the local forecasters is Winter-ish weather for the weekend. Snow could be visible around the rim of our valley. Well, okay, I guess that makes for beautiful walks too!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Out Of My Comfort Zone

Comfy and cozy I may like; homebody I may seem. There was a time that party hopping and entertaining filled the calendar. ahhh well (big sigh)... things change! Not that there isn't some allotted time for fun....

I've been to a few events lately. Imagine that! Some with Hubby and some without. Haven't been keeping late hours or staying past the bewitching hour, but out in the mix of things.... it feels good sometimes!

We spruced up and attended a black & white masquerade ball ~

I've been stepping out a little bit. Out of my comfort area at home. It's been good for me. Using the term "stepping out" got me thinking of the song below.  A little ditty by a musician named Joe Jackson. His album got plenty of play in my 20's! I even ushered at one of his concerts many moons ago... ha! back when I used to do night-life... well, NIGHTLY!! In the years that I worked for Bill Graham Presents ushering for some amazing talents!

 I'll share other events soon. One was a first for me - a new book publishing & author signing..... by someone we know! Really not used to this dressing up stuff, especially the heels. OUCH! My feet are always happy to get back on the sofa and covered by a blanket!

                                                                  Poor Tootsies!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dedicated To Someone I Know

With a big grin, somewhat tongue in cheek and yet so true...

I found this at a blog I love to read ~ French Essence...

makes me laugh!

(via the bottom of the ironing basket)

So, this experience is what life is like in retirement? hmmmm...... I suppose at my age I wasn't expecting to spend nearly every waking moment with Hubby. Just had never really crossed my mind. Pretty nice to have him here for the days that we venture out, go walking, or lunching. I'll not focus on the hours stepping on each others toes in our little home (quite literally). Only one bathroom. One counter of workspace in the kitchen. Nothing like a man cave in this house, in which to shut the door and keep distance between me and the loud TV. You get the idea.

Our "out" time looks like this ~

Focus on all that's good!