Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Garden Party

Second time I've decided to post bunches of photos, and say very little... (hard for me to do) with the intent of sending this off to the Fishtail Cottage for a Garden Party tour. You can go see what I mean by clicking on Garden Party.

Not a whole lot of progress in my garden since last week's party. Truthfully I'm so busy with my work at Goat Hill Fair, ( <- click to see what work I do) that the house & garden take a back seat until after the show is over. There has been the mundane, not -so- pretty-to- photograph upkeep of a lawn, pulling of weeds, and pruning of overgrown branches.  All much needed tasks, but bo-ring!

Here's some pretty instead ~

this variegated Calla lily is from the garden of  Hubby's deceased Aunt

more vintage signs in the garden

pulling out winter crop and starting seeds

Penny the hen from next door

combo of rose, mock orange, and fremontodendron

star magnolia - long since leafed out...

Look at the same star magnolia image from above ^ done in Waterlogue app.... I love it!

That's all I've got for now. Back to Goat Hill work... anyone want to come along on a tour of that fun place? Maybe I'll post about Goat Hill after the May show...

Happy Mother's Day to the women that make life one beautiful garden....