Thursday, March 3, 2011


Hubby has swept me off to Marin. well, possibly the other way around as I'm the one that made the reservations! And Hubby truly does not mind - Vacation is our middle name! We've escaped to our favorite place.

Last night our air mattress decided it had bore tooooo much weight (hhhmmm what does that say about us?). It is now completely flat. I headed over the hill bright and early to hunt for a new mattress. Kind of happy I did. Found another sweet place. Nicasio (Marin County). What an adorable little town!


I'll share more of my morning with you later. I need to hop, skip and jump on over the cow pies along the trail  I just hiked... and get back to Hubby at the cabin. Unfortunately without his oysters! Has been so rainy that the company is unable to harvest any from Tomales Bay.

The rain has gone for the time being. It is sunny and time for a picnic lunch at the beach! See ya back here soon. It may be a day or so, though. We're actually entertaining at the beach for the next couple of days!

Edited: This is my first try at linking a post of my own to someone elses blog. I've followed this blog for quite some time. I'm enamored of her beachy life in Australia.  My attempt is to participate in something she calls : Good Life Wednesday. Go check out her lovely life:  Not sure that I've done this correctly! Bare with me...
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  1. Ah! Lovely pics, its like being on a vacation. Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas.

  2. lovely photos, looks like a sweet place to sit back and enjoy the sunshine, thanks for sharing with us all

  3. Wow amazing photos! I love the mist in the first!