Friday, March 11, 2011


When the earth moves as it has just done in Japan, it knocks you off your feet - both literally (sometimes) and mentally. Being a Californian I know of what I speak. I lived in the Bay Area for the very large event of 1989. Of course there have been many others in my lifetime - just not of the same magnitude, nor as memorable.

Just a couple of days ago, I mentioned in my post that I wished that we could go to visit a cousin in Japan. Upon turning on the TV tonight for the evening news I found that our Tokyo living family member was being knocked off his feet. Oh, the live pictures did nothing but fuel the worry. At this time of night should we wake our local family or see if they were also aware of the news? I immediately emailed our cousin and was able to reach him. Quite a relief. Quite amazing this technology. In no time at all we are able to connect.

Time for bed as it is early morning now. We actually have a tsunami warning here on the coast of California. That has been upgraded from an alert. Glad we're not at Stinson this weekend.....

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