Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow

Mr. Weatherman says the sun will shine tomorrow. That's the prediction, and I'm sayin' GLORY BE !!

Sunshine did walk with me for a time this morning. So glad to have it along! Surely makes things that much more  bright and enjoyable! Here are some of the sights that sunshine and I took in today ~

a little foxglove

knock, knock!! is GEORGE home??  HA!
ferns and green for miles...

they even grow in the arms of a tree
 I walked from green forested woods to wide open vistas ~
San Jose is off in the distance...
I saw expensive statuary  at manses ~

lovely entry to a fine abode....
and the simplest decaying fences of ranches ~

barbed wire & sour grass
 Shall I quote another musical??... hmmmm ...     llalalala  "the hills are alive..."!!! and FINALLY today, I was
NOT ... singin' in the rain !

"This California dew is just a little heavier than usual"......
(did ya notice Debbie says this at the start of the clip?)

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