Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Home Again

Home again, home again - Jiggedy-jig!

not my cottage, but it sure is Home Sweet Home
 There was a brief moment of home sickness on my last night at the beach. I do believe I've been gone too much lately. This year has truly started out with a bang!! If I go into the archives, I wonder if I'll find that some of my hopes for the new year are realized?  Well, if not then I still have months to go!

Here's what I'm liking about life in this first quarter of 2011:

  • You can teach an old dog new tricks!! I'm learning lotsa new computer tricks!
  • Enjoying the new J-O-B
  • Travel time galore
  • This here blog is a pleasure!
  • My selection from a Women over 50 blog to be a "guru" of food/decor in my locale
  • The decision to take my love of vintage treasures to a flea event
  • Re-experiencing a love for photography
  • Willing my way to a big girl camera...  
  • I've got myself a sellers permit.....  so there!! who knows where I may use it..
Hopes that are whispering to me, urging their placement on the long To-Do list :

  • For goodness sake - REDECORATE!! let the Spring-time in!
  • Get outside and garden
  • Prep for a new out-building in the backyard
  • Go visit a friend in Paris, or the cousin in Japan - neither seem destined to happen
This week the days become longer; daylight savings time is a savior when you've got HIGH hopes, and To-Do lists the size of mine!

keep those high hopes..

* just had to add my daily dose of you tube video! HHHAHAH

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