Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Dose of Healthy

When the cool of the morning melted away and the sun sought to give radiant warmth, we began the single file march. There were  eleven. I was the curious newbie. I've found a group of fellow trail-hike-lovers to join on weekends. A good dose of healthy exercise was in store for me. The plan was to accomplish a 14 mile jaunt through the woods in approximately 4 hours. Was feelin' powerful and powerful nervous too!

Castle Rock State Park

spelunking, anyone?
Picture perfect day for hiking with a crisp bite to the air and sunshine atop your scalp. It was a pleasure to meet this tribe. We did manage the trek in the time allotted even with stopping to photograph and enjoy the the scenery. Amazing this place I live!

the ocean is far off in the distance

the crew
Time breezed by, but also couldn't have gone much longer - my knees said one hill too many!

A dinner menu purposely planned to continue HEALTHY was next up for the afternoon. Nothing so good as the smell of chicken soup roiling on the stove top!

Cue evening, cue movie - serve up the soup and be thankful for that beautiful day!

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