Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Charlie & Chuck

This musical score is one of my favorites. It was used for our wedding photo montage video. Thus, it evokes lots of sentiment.

After all of the frivolity of the Oscar, and animal posts, I had mulled over posting about an important date that just passed.  February 28th holds much sadness for us, as Hubby's family had a tragic event occur on that day twenty seven years ago. That long, and still tears can flow when speaking the unfathomable.

I suppose that it's inevitable that I'd contemplate this sadness more closely this year. Over a quarter century ago my husband's brother was in an automobile accident and died. This brother, Chuck, would now be a Grandfather-in-waiting. His son will be welcoming his first child in May. That, as I've explained, is our Charlie. The sweet boy namesake of his patriarch.

Chuck was the BMOC. This moniker is meant with all due respect. He could be classified in no better terms. Chuck was the attractive to look at, impossible to pin down, athletic jock that many guys wish to be in their High School years. Unfortunately he didn't have many more years to show us what other great things he had in store for us. What he did do before he left was leave a baby boy;only a month old at the time - for his family to lavish with love and attention. He could not have given a better gift of himself!

As the years trickle by - at first, then rush steadily into the future the utter sorrow lessens to pain, and then becomes a distant, albeit ever present, sad memory. I, without thinking of the day, mentioned to Hubby that Spring was on it's way; that March would be coming tomorrow. An anguished look flashed briefly in Hubby's eyes and he reminded me. And then it comes back. I can picture it. I do even possess a photo from that evening. We were together as a family for dinner. The baby still so new. The phone call. The devastation........

And then that photographic montage of memory clicks to the most recent scene where in happiness we wait for Charlie. Buoyant ;bubbling near to bursting with anticipation and glee - tempered with those sad memories. And given pause by the fact that Chuck will not meet Charlie; cannot hold him during his first glimpse of life. However, Chuck, we know you will be there and without you this life would not be possible.

The gift of life carries on......

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  1. The tears are flowing, Shari, with your beautiful sentiment for dear Chuck. Wow! I remember that day very well...the phone call....the devastation. I actually thought of him too, on the 28th. A moment in time that will never be forgotten by those who knew and loved him.