Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Star Shine

What is the draw for so many to tune in each year for Hollywood's big bash? Myself included ....
Just as with the movies that the Academy is honoring, I find the ceremony similarly fun, entertaining and a far stretch from the life that I lead! What I wouldn't give to be in Los Angeles and watch the goings-on.

This year on the red carpet I swooned over Matthew McConaughey
I want the hair-do on Reese Witherspoon - for an event anyway
Nothing new here, but I wish for the body of Halle Berry
Dream of the grace & beauty of Helen Mirrren
Long for the youth of Jennifer Lawrence
Applaud the spirit of Sandra Bullock
Give credit to the moxie of Helena Bonham Carter
Bow to the fortitude of Kirk Douglas
Find sweetness in the pixie-ness of Michelle Williams
Stand up for the transformation of Jennifer Hudson
Walk in awe (with a book atop my head) of the poise in Gwyneth Paltrow
And I am forever transfixed by those with that little, special -Je ne sais quoi - they truly do just have
"IT" : Robert Downey, Jr.
                Colin Firth
                Jude Law
                Jeff Bridges

 Anyway that's my Oscar's list and it won't be found in any form of print, just a silly pastime from a silly gal with maybe too much time on her hands?? So much time that I surprised a friend and went to her house dressed up for the occasion of Academy Award watching!

I think Lucille Ball wants her jacket back!

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