Sunday, February 27, 2011

All Creatures....

All Creatures Great and Small.  Yes, it was a book, and also a TV movie, I think. I was a fan of the book. I am a fan of real creatures in life too. At the moment we only have one pet. There used to be another - our fox terrier, Riley. She's been gone from our home for ten years, she still resides in our souls. Hubby and I are those crazy people that stop dog walkers just to ask after their pet.

Many animals graced our travels this weekend. There is a particular petting zoo that I visit whenever I go to Carmel Valley. The place is set  up in a feed, grain and landscape business. Take a look at some of these sweeties ~

and how are ewe today?

mating dance and ruffled feathers

this is Eeyore, too busy eating to look me in the eye

And there isn't even a photo of the emu, chickens, tortoises or pig! Ah, the pig. So cute and rotund! I find him adorable. I loved the movie "BABE"!! Did you?

And the tiniest of creatures were found on a walk in the hills. Either the bees took over this tree and it eventually toppled, or someone found the hive and decided they best cut most of it down. I assume from the size of this comb that the majority of the bee clan hightailed elsewhere... else I wouldn't be close enough for these photos!!

I have a couple more of these shots, but in truth they kinda scare me. I get the heebie-jeebies lookin at 'em!
How is it then that I've also considered the possibility of beekeeping?? And a REAL BIG how can I consider that hobby when Hubby is very allergic???  uuuhhhmmm guess I shan't be an Apiary anytime soon! Maybe chickens are more our speed? I'd like to join the current trend of chicken ownership one day. We look, we think on it, we dream of them, we pause and go back to square one again....

All the babes of the world... so important,  interesting and amazing! Got my fill this weekend......

THAT'LL DO,  PIG!    (love that quote from the movie!)  Goodnight!


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  1. Darling fur babies! I was intrigued by the bee hive. Very cool! Would love to take the kids there someday soon. You'll have to share the address with me. Love your posts!!!