Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kid In A Candy Store

A sparkling piece of mail arrived in the post today!!  I love to open the mailbox and find  sweet handwritten somethings!

Handmade and creative as all get-out! I am officially inspired! The envelope contained an invitation. It is brilliantly asking for my attendance at the baby shower for our soon to arrive Great-nephew. It sparkled and shone. Here take a look ~

The paper is glittery and blue to represent his male chromosome. The theme as obviously shown is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Charlie is the name chosen for him before birth. Sweet, huh? His Grandfather's name was Charles (Chuck). Any further elaboration on his namesake and the history will just make everyone emotional  - so I'll not go there right now.

The wording on the invite is chosen with care and creative too. Once I pulled the shiny silver "candy" wrapper from it's blue label - here is what I found ~

I won a golden ticket!!.... well, everyone did I suppose! More party specifics on this card. The shower is being given by friends and family of the Mum-to-be. There are some definite ULTIMATE party throwers in that group! I can only imagine what lies in store for us golden ticket holders!

Every little red postbox ought to be honored with such filler!! Mine lies in wait for the next fabulously handwritten and stamped piece of art....

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  1. LOVE IT!!!
    I didn't know they are having a boy!!!
    Chuck would be SO proud!!