Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In and Out

Somehow dinner tonight was had at this place:
Completely out of necessity I assure you! It was quick... just In and Out!!  hahahha
Not sure that my meal fits into the category of healthful/mindful eating that I've been doing.... hhmmmm
Promise though, I didn't have animal fries! and no cheese on the burger! But, I forgot to ask for no sauce. And I didn't say protein style. Jenny Craig would scold and Weight Watchers may have to extend me some extra points! Still worth it though because it was just what happened to be nearby.

The night was fraught with scampering about. Lots of In & Out. Quickly in to Lowe's. Quick drive to Costco. Tried to be quickly In & Out there too.... well, you know how that goes at Costco! There was absolutely no In & Out at the gas station. Cars lined up as if it was the 1970's gas crunch or somethin! So, I was OUT of there fast. A bunch of In & Out of my car. Trips In & Out of the house with all sorts of bags and boxes.

And lastly... a quick In & Out on this post as it is late. Goodnight.

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