Saturday, February 5, 2011


Be afraid, be very afraid!! If you happen to shop at IKEA, and you happen to go into their grocery section, and then you happen upon this package :
See the sweet domes of perfection called Krusballs? They're hiding in the back, top of this of them is on the tray.
Make sure to buy double the amount that you feel you'll want. DELICIOUS!!
They are large soft marshmallows (softer than the kind you get at a regular grocery) dipped in chocolate. They're nothing that I particularly would crave... but I'm so glad I found them. Guess I'll be making more trips to IKEA. I really don't get there much...

What a nice afternoon I had at IKEA today, though. Only a small amount of shopping. Found a few baby items for that new little nephew of mine, who is due in May. Treated myself to lunch in their cafeteria. So inexpensive and delightful.

shrimp, Greek salad & garlic toast
 I've yet to have their Swedish meatballs. Gotta try those sometime. Maybe on the next Krusball run!!

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