Friday, February 11, 2011

Walks and Whatnot

This morning my walk was done intercity. I may usually (over) indulge you with talk on the loveliness and splendor of the hills, but today not so!  All scenes and persons on today's walk were every bit as unique and memorable - all whilst being on the streets of San Jose. You have noticed that I now bring my camera along everywhere that I go. All the better to capture details that I want to explain here. One day soon I hope to have a "real" camera to make all of my pictorial dreams come true.... but that's another story for another day.

Check out these dudes that I found lallygagging away... slowly creeping up the Avenue. I loved them!

They quite happily interrupted their trek for a picture. Their look is so Cali/East San Jose/biker... and as one of them said to me - hoodlum. HA! that made me laugh so hard.. a hoodlum gently cruising the wide sidewalks of the nouveau riche on vintage single speed bikes!! The two of them were gentlemen that just happened to be donning black leather, pony tails and black Ray Bans. Those two wheelers were to die for!

As they re-entered the bike lane there were honks and smiles as they waved goodbye to me and jangled their little handlebar bell.

Within the city limits or not, I was still able to find nature at it's best! Spring has gone and dressed for the Ball! She really isn't due to arrive for at least a month or so, but she's a chick that doesn't mind comin' early nor flaunting her style! I rather like that Spring....

Spring's white boughs of puffy crinoline skirts were just too hard to resist. I had to bring some home and get ready for the Ball myself! And I couldn't stop at limbs of fragrance, I also had to purchase tulips, orchids and azaleas with which to decorate.

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