Monday, February 7, 2011

When the Cat's Away..

One of us was many miles from home, vacationing. The other was very near home, and yet still vacationing - at least it felt that way. The former was at the beach along the Pacific Ocean, the latter found her way to the Pacific also. The "cat" that lolled about at a luxury resort was served freshly caught fish direct from the briny blue. The "mouse" at home happily played experimental chef and plated pretty food replete with fish of her own. A taste test of fish roe.  A breakfast of paper thin smoked salmon too - the cat's meow!

The near home vacationer had beautiful sunsets

She spent her hours in all ways pleasing to her - scampering about alleys

Santa Cruz
 trolling her favorite haunts

Saffron & Genevieve
Spending time with other animals (Party Animals!)

'Twas Super Bowl weekend. That ol' hubby "cat" watched the game in it's entirety in Espanol. The house mouse (me) enjoyed the weekend if not specifically because of the football game.

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