Monday, February 21, 2011


All forms of life's artistry kept me smiling, content and in awe this weekend. Food that was succulent, unique and fine!

homemade beer bread

This culinary display is of - a lovely slice of yeast & beer batter baked to perfection, dried and reconstituted figs that are warmed and have a thumbprint morsel of gooey, stinky cheese inserted. The tiny bowl is filled with Flaming Fig sauce for dipping. It has cayenne, balsamic vinegar and figs. DELISH! INDULGENT too because the main course was roasted veggies of every color and rack of lamb. OH MY!!
Don't put me near a scale anytime soon - we also overindulged with friends one evening. Too much wine, a similarly decadent meal and dessert also. YES! I did walk over the weekend... not nearly far enough!

notice many pieces of bread missing!

Enamored with a piece of artwork that we bought from a young filly of a gal. She's the daughter of a close friend. Trying her hand at painting and photography. We now have a Katie Wilcox original. Her website is . The title of our piece is "Hipster". She is now framed and sitting in our bedroom atop a large bowl of entangled costume jewelry. Check her out :

Trying ever so diligently to locate this artists CD.  While I know that I see her on many of the blogs that I browse, I'm thinking I may want to add her music to my blog. I can find the disc on-line, just was hoping to not pay shipping and give the business to some small local place.

This singer is Mindy Gledhill, the song is called Anchor. Such melodic pretty artistry ...

My life does feel like a woven tapestry that has golden threads interspersed among the mundane brown woolen pieces that are every bit as needed. As a whole it's the most beautiful rendition of a scene - a time and place. My scenery is abundant. My scenery seems to have more golden threads than most. I find my scenery fulfilling, artistic, creative. Happiness exists here!

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