Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Campers

We're enjoying the beach! No raining on parades, and no cabin fever either!

Paying no mind to the drizzle, nor the wind!

I often dream of what this place may have looked like in the 60's when I was young. Some of the sights and sounds around this beach do have a retro vibe and remind me of an old Gidget-style movie:

Right down to the quintessential beach cottage! Can I please stay??

Even if this were the place that a Gidget would frequent, she wouldn't be donning a swimsuit today.
It is definitely wintry, but "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" of clouds! I'm jumping for joy!
I'm flying balloons! I'm playing Gidget in my own sort of way - sans the bikini for today, NO!! sans the
bikini for evah!! Okay, Gidget's high tailing back to camp. HAPPY !!                                                     

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  1. Stinson Beach was a place my mom and her parents visited frequently. So frequently, that my grandfather changed his last name to "Stinson" in the mid-1930's. Never knew why he did that. I wish I knew.