Monday, February 14, 2011

A Storms a Brewin'....

Downspouts are draining and the brick walk is a glistening, deep red stone. It's been raining and is supposed to continue that way for many days. The Spring Queen hurried away from the Ball with her crinolines all in an uproar. Winter came back to claim  a spot on her dance card!! Just watch though - she'll have none of that! Spring will two-step her way right back to the floor very soon!

And I shall not have anyone rain on my parade either! May have to wear slickers and boots, caps and scarves but I will still be walking the strand at Stinson Beach. Split wood is stacked ceiling high in the SUV.
We'll be plenty warm in our special rustic hideaway! Where we could possibly be blown-away!

Valentine window at our beach cabin 2010

Can you see that metal stovepipe and shaky wooden roof?? When the wind gets roarin' these instruments get rockin'!! Mix that sound with the ocean and it's quite a cacophony. So much so that it can be hard to sleep through! All just part of the experience! More to love about my favorite place!

I'll be talking to ya from there this week.....

Happy Valentine's Day !!

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