Saturday, February 19, 2011


Row, row, row your boat gently down the.... street. Merrily, merrily... possibly not so merrily if this rain doesn't ease up a bit! Train of thought heading towards watercraft and the like.... so segue to :

Have I mentioned that I like kayaking?? No? Maybe it's too soon  to say I like the sport, seeing that I have only done it a couple of times plus one lesson. Nonetheless - Me likey!!

Santa Cruz, CA
As a gift to Hubby for our dating Anniversary (yes, we acknowledge it) I bought us an ocean kayak
 moonlight paddle. Hubby was kind of trepidatious... unbeknownst to me. Then one day he lets me in on his fear that while kayaking at night with only the moon for a guide - if one were to spill into the deep... well, let's just say that sharks were in the picture. I hadn't considered this thought!!  Thanks alot pal!! So we switched the cruise to sunset and eased his mind.

Hubby's only reason to be conscious of the rare, but plausible, tipping of the vessel is that he'd gone and done it before. During our lesson after I was kindly assured and reassured again that NO ONE EVER FALLS IN, no need to wear any special waterproof clothing - it happened. Simple instruction given, entire class following as directed to go as quickly and fluidly as possible to the opposite side of the lake. I felt confident, quite strong in my rowing and ahead of the pack. All at once....


I didn't have to think twice, nor turn my head around to know who it was in the pigeon-pooed tepid waters.
Yep!! It was Hubby... straw hat and all! Too difficult to gain balance to climb back aboard so the entire class had to follow to the shoreline so that he could join us again! We laugh about this every time we talk about kayaking! At least the guy is still willing to give it a go...

Ocean kayaking probably has plenty of rocky moments, but this night was calm and amazing!

Oh, did I forget to mention that Hubby gets seasick?? There was a guide with us, a probable Jacques Cousteau wannabe, appropriately he pointed out many ocean facts and informed us of much flora and fauna. From the kelp beds the guide pulls up tender greens and says "go ahead, give it a try. tastes really good!" This was the straw that nearly broke the camel's back. Hubby shouldn't a listened! Queasiness come on quickly. Faux Cousteau asks "shall I paddle back with you to the pier?" OH NO - this group nearly experienced a different show by Hubby! Well he held strong and his tummy lightened up. The only thoughts on our minds were of the beauty all around...

Dolphins feeding at the tips of our vessels. Didn't get a picture though because I didn't want to rock the boat.
Seals staring at us from just below the surface. Their big brown eyes so inquisitive! And the reason we came to sit on this cold ocean water during the evening in the first place - the sunset!! Worth every shaky moment.

A little kayak surprise is awaiting Hubby for his Birthday too. Gotta spring it on him lightly. All in good time!
He doesn't know it yet... but we're goin' on a date that'll float his boat!!   HA!!

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  1. How fun! You two are an amazing couple! Love you!