Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Tropics of Cali-hawaii

The weekend hasn't quite concluded and we've managed to fit in tons of fun, an event or two and several groups of our peeps. I'm tired just thinking about it....
We did not travel far - even if the blog title led you to believe we may have! Unfortunately our feet stayed on the ground, no airports in the weekend plans. We did manage to drink our way into the tropics, however!

Chopstick-ed our way through a couple of courses of Chinese food with friends....

There were many of us can tell by that line up of cocktails!

these aren't all for me!

It cannot be said that the possibility of snow - very unheard of in our area - should stop one from having an evening in the tropics! Hubby and I continued on with a tropic theme during the following day by beaching-it!
Will post about that tomorrow since I don't intend on being far from my cozy nook.  There are Oscars to watch tomorrow!!

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